[cms_fancybox_single icon_type=”pe7stroke” image_align=”pull-left” title_item=”COUNSELING” button_link=”#” description_item=”Private counseling is open to all people and couples or constellations of any sexual, desire or relationship orientation and to all gender identities.Private counseling is open to all people and couples or constellations of any sexual, desire or relationship orientation and to all gender identities.
An one hour and a half of session designed to accompany you in a discovery of better ways to communicate, ideals and possibilities of pleasure, self-love and selfcare. Specially tailored for you.” image=”1462″]
[cms_fancybox_single icon_type=”pe7stroke” image_align=”pull-left” title_item=”WORKSHOPS” button_link=”#” description_item=”Group workshops, bringing a safer space, to learn and open a conversation about bodies, sexuality, intimacy, communication and pleasure.” image=”1460″]
[cms_fancybox_single icon_type=”pe7stroke” image_align=”pull-left” title_item=”NON FORMAL EDUCATION” button_link=”#” description_item=”Sessions and discussions with young people, young adults, adults and other activists, psychologists, health care professionals, community workers and social workers. Educating for transformation and for possibilities of acting and engaging in a world inclusive of every body, capability and encounter.” image=”1458″]
[cms_fancybox_single icon_type=”pe7stroke” image_align=”pull-left” title_item=”PRIVATE TUTORING AND CONSULTING” button_link=”#” description_item=”Consulting / trainings for Sex-shops / Sex-toys Sellers / Healthcare Professionals and Private tutoring for students, artists, researchers, activists and professionals : transforming your business, practice or project in a safer, more inclusive and better place for all or developing your skills regarding sexuality.” image=”1464″]
[cms_fancybox_single icon_type=”pe7stroke” image_align=”pull-left” title_item=”SHOP AND ADVISE TO PURCHASE” button_link=”#” description_item=”A feminist sexshop, with safe materials, choice for every body and personalized advice to purchase.” image=”1772″]
[cms_fancybox_single icon_type=”pe7stroke” image_align=”pull-left” title_item=”HOME PARTIES AND PRIVATE WORKSHOPS” button_link=”#” description_item=”Welcome me into your house or a private setting and get a full view and education about cool sex stuff, toys or a private workshop customized for you and your friends.” image=”1466″]
[cms_fancybox_single content_align=”center” icon_type=”pe7stroke” cms_template=”cms_fancybox_single–overlay.php” title_item=”LEARN” button_link=”#” button_text=”” image=”1671″ sub_title_item=”all you need”]
[cms_fancybox_single content_align=”center” icon_type=”pe7stroke” cms_template=”cms_fancybox_single–overlay.php” title_item=”EXPLORE” button_link=”#” button_text=”” image=”1669″ sub_title_item=”all you want”]
[cms_fancybox_single content_align=”center” icon_type=”pe7stroke” cms_template=”cms_fancybox_single–overlay.php” title_item=”DIVE” button_link=”#” button_text=”” image=”1667″ sub_title_item=”deeper”]