The Beppy tampon was developed by gynaecologists. An easy-to-use and hygienic string-free tampon, designed for maximum comfort and optimum protection.

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The Beppy tampon is a soft, flexible sponge that you wear inside during your period. Beppy offers invisible protection, even up to 8 hours. Invisible because the Beppy tampon is string-free.

The Pure edition is a dry sponge with a patented anatomical shape that has no string and is designed to give maximum comfort and protection. Thanks to the structure of the sponge and shape that the tampon adopts it is possible to use while having intercourse.

However, just like all other tampons, Beppy is not a contraceptive nor a barrier for safer sex.
Beppy tampons have been dermatologically and clinically tested.

Once you’ve inserted it, it takes on the shape of your body, that’s why the tampon is so comfortable that you don’t feel it. The Beppy tampon can be most easily removed when you are relaxed; especially on the first few occasions you need to take your time with it. It can be easily removed, because the tampon has a handy loop that you can stick your finger through. Relaxation is the key.

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