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Since 1996. Made in Germany. Feel the fun.

Over 13.000 square meters directly on the banks of the Weser river, all FUN FACTORY toys go through development, production, quality assurance, storage, packaging, and shipping. Every day, 120 employees ensure that FUN FACTORY products meet the highest standards that their customers have come to appreciate over the years. They use only the best quality raw material, such as medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone, in producing their toys.

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Amor is a Dildo developed in high quality medical silicone and safe for the body. It is designed slightly curved for an exact precision of the G-spot (anarch gland and internal clitoris) and prostate, its size is 15 cm (standard size) and its base is thin for a closer contact. Its base adapts perfectly to any smooth and flat surface, the best thing is that it is compatible with harness and is suitable for vaginal and anal use. The bulbous head will give the wanted pleasure just in the right spot and if you want to disconnect with a nice relaxing bath you can take it with you since it is submersible! The flared base facilitates stimulation and is perfect for vaginal sex. It is recommended to use water-based lubricant for better insertion and care of the product, as other lubricants may damage the toy.

Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use.

Girth plus flexibility is a size-lovers dream! At 23.5cm long and nearly 5cm thick, BIG BOSS lives up to its name – even before you feel its deep, purring vibrations. With its ultra-strong motor, this is the toy for the size lover who doesn’t want to sacrifice size for raw, rumbling power. Better yet, this big, realistic vibrator was built with FlexiFUN Technology, with a shaft that moves with you when you switch positions and flexes to accommodate your body. Thanks to the practical travel lock, BIG BOSS is always safely stored and will not go off at the wrong time. Beyond realism, BIG BOSS is shaped for pleasure. Its thick head boasts a pronounced ridge that just begs to be pulled along your G-spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris), and its smooth shaft is lined with perfectly-placed veins for a light massage on the way in and out. The ergonomic loop handle and simple, raised controls make it easy to use anywhere, in any position. Basically, you can hold onto it comfortably even when you have lube on your hands.

Bootie Ring is a 2 in 1, penisring and plug developed in high quality medical silicone and safe for the body. Designed with a tapered tip and a base that fits snugly around the penis, providing a firm grip to give you bigger and longer lasting erections. It blends erection pleasure with perineum massage, spectacular anal arousal and mild prostate play. Thanks to its simple size and design it can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced anal sex enthusiasts, its extra is a ridge that joins the plug and ring massages the sensitive perineum area.

As you move, the movement will gently pull on the Bootie gives avalanches of pleasure from the tip of the penis to the prostate. Use Solo or with someone.


First put on the ring and then lubricate the plug with water-based lubricant and insertses your prostate and gives you the pleasure you crave.

2 Colors

Bück Dich is half paddle half dildo in black with a wavy shaft, developed in high quality medical silicone and safe for the body. An alternative to leather or wooden paddles, its firm core will give you more control over the force of your strokes and guarantees that the paddle will always keep its shape. Bück Dich is a 2-in-1 toy: spanke and stimulate.

A Paddle with a wavy Dildo that provides vaginal or anal pleasure.  A new and modern toy designed exclusively to let your imagination fly.

It has a soft touch, is very easy to clean. It is recommended to use water-based lubricant for better insertion and care of the product, as other lubricants may damage the toy.

Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use.

Tired of replacing tiny batteries in buzzy bullets? This mini vibe is ultra-powerful and charges in two hours or less! Small enough to slip inside a purse or a pocket and strong enough to knock your socks off, the MASSAGE BULLET is the discreet rechargeable bullet vibrator you’ve been looking for. With five intense settings, this toy can be an unobtrusive and amazing addition to partner sex, or an engine to rocket your favorite dildo or plug into vibrating awesomeness. It’s small size and easy one-button control lets this rechargeable bullet vibrator integrate seamlessly into sex with a partner. Hold it between your bodies during intercourse, use it to take oral to a new level, try nipple vibration—the world is your oyster. The fact that it’s rechargeable means that you don’t ever have to unscrew the top of your vibrator and painstakingly insert three little watch batteries ever again! It’s also completely waterproof, a lot stronger than a battery-operated bullet, and comes with five speeds instead of one.

COBRA LIBRE II, the penis massager. Sensitive, innovative, powerful. The COBRA LIBRE II is the sex toy made for the head of the penis! This massager surrounds the tip of the penis with its soft, velvety interior made of medical-grade silicone. From gentle to powerful, the two motors deliver thrilling vibrations to the most sensitive part of the penis, the head. COBRA LIBRE doesn’t need to be moved back and forth by hand – so you can just concentrate on breathtaking sensations and enjoy the ecstasy! COBRA LIBRE II is easy to clean under running water with a little bit of TOYCLEANER or mild soap. With its 11 vibration patterns, the COBRA LIBRE II heads confidently for the next climax – and always ready to please from sensitive to demanding.

It is a perfect toy for people with arthritis and other conditions that make it difficult to maintain a masturbation with only the hands, a simple step … configure it as you wish and … hands free! The initial charge will take 16 hours to give you 40-120 minutes of pleasure, with travel lock function and a very intuitive interface. Waterproof, has LED charge indicator light and rechargeable with magnetic charger with CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE system.

Using the newly designed control panel with touch buttons, both of the powerful motors in the COBRA LIBRE II can be navigated from gentle waves to ecstatic speeds. Finely tuned programs and intensities with the handy control unit that now goes underwater and with a practical key lock for adventures that can travel with you! With a futuristic design it can be Hands-Free Penis Toy, used in partnered sex, sharing the vibration, with or without erection and better than a reach-around to maintain a good stroking rhythm while also thrusting.

Pack of 2

Explore Kit Fun Cup is a kit of 2 menstrual cups size A in pink and size B in navy blue, ideal for people who want a cup for lighter days and another for heavier days. Made of medical silicone suitable for the body that is inserted inside the vagina (the same as a tampon), molding to the vaginal walls and collecting all the flow inside.

It is always recommended to use a little water-based lubricant for a better insertion. It is lightweight for easy fitting, non-porous, hypoallergenic and you can run, swim, dance and have sex without deep penetration. Unlike tampons, the Fun Cup does not absorb vaginal discharge so it will not dry you out and keep your vagina lubricated.

It offers a simpler, more comfortable, ecological, safe and above all hygienic and economical life. In only 3-4 months you will have recovered your investment! Its use is unlimited, it can be put it in and take out as many times as wanted. The Fun Cup keeps the vagina free of fibers unlike tampons, these fibers make it more susceptible to infections, so with the Fun Cup your vagina will stay healthier.

Made for daily use during the cycle and up to 12 hours depending on the flow. It should not be wear without changing it for more than 12 hours in a row, should be removed, cleaned and put back in.

How to use:

Use a small amount of lubricant, fold the cup in a C-shape and insert it inside the vagina, turn it to check that the container does not come out or pass your index finger around the cup to check that it is well placed and fastened. Make sure your cervix is not outside the cup. After 8-12 hours remove it, empty the flow inside, rinse it with water and clean it with an unscented soap to avoid irritation, pay special attention to the holes and reinsert the cup. Remember to wash hands before putting the cup on and when taking it off. For a more thorough cleaning, sterilize it for 3 minutes in boiling water, dry it well.

Clean the storage bag with water and a little mild soap and let it air dry.
Store the Fun Cup in the storage bag.

The perfect gift, first toy, or travel vibe, the JAM is the gold standard for pocket-sized silicone vibrators. Lined with stimulating ridges made of velvety silicone, the JAM is no ordinary mini vibrator. Whether you’re running the textured surface along your partner’s most sensitive areas or using the tapered tip to pinpoint the perfect spot, this little toy expands your options for play. The JAM’s small size means that it’s easy to slip into a suitcase, backpack, or even purse without sacrificing space for necessities or weighing your bag down. It’s also awesome for camping, house-sharing, hostels, or any other place where you won’t necessarily have a private place to charge your vibe. Just bring an extra battery and you’re set! All this maked the JAM the perfect travel vibrator.

Limba Flex is a dildo developed in high quality, body-safe medical silicone. It is designed with a very flexible and versatile shaft so you can shape it the way you want and when you want, Limba Flex offers you 3 in 1: Smooth curve, extreme angle and straight shaft, all in one! Its tapered tip is easy to insert, the base is slim so it allows you to be closer to a partner. Its touch is silky and it is suitable for anal and vaginal sex. The perfect toy for prostate and G-spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris) stimulation. It is compatible with harness, its base adapts perfectly to any smooth and flat surface. You can even take a nice relaxing bath as it is submersible! It is recommended to use water-based lubricant for better insertion and care of the product, as other lubricants could damage the toy.

Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use.

Manta is a masturbator developed in high quality, body-safe medical silicone, designed in the shape of a manta ray with 2 small “wings” filled with ridges inside, which keep the lubricant evenly distributed with just the right amount for gliding. It offers greater coverage, has 6 vibration speeds and 6 different patterns, an ergonomic handle easy to hold and a powerful silent motor.

For solo or partnered use, it has LED charging indicator light and is waterproof.

It is recommended to use water-based lubricant for better insertion and care of the product, as other lubricants may damage the toy. Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use.

It’s the dream: you and your partner in each other’s arms, your pleasure fueling each other’s. Get an extra-hard erection that goes the extra mile or feel shivers of pleasure through the genitals.

Nōs ring is designed to hug the penis in the right spots and tease the clitoris with a two-motor toy design. The sturdy but super flexible silicone can be easily stretched with fingers (that means Nōs fits everybody!). Wear Nōs on the base of the penis, where it’s easy to take on and off for more spontaneous play. Keep the curvy extensions facing outward, so they can hit the labia and clit when grinding, or wear the Nōs on the hand for more direct stimulation. The Nōs is engineered for real human penises, not perfectly smooth displays. That’s why our design isn’t circular—because the penis isn’t — and why it includes targeted pressure points for the sensitive veins on the shaft.  With the flirt setting there is a five-minute loop of lightly varying vibration that keeps from getting acclimated to a single speed or pattern.
C-rings work by slowing blood flow out of the penis, which is perfectly safe for short periods and unhealthy if you’re doing it for long stretches. Only wear this toy for about 20 minutes at a time. Even more importantly, listen to your body: if it hurts, take it off. Don’t use c-rings if you have a blood/bleeding condition.

While Nōs can give you harder, longer-lasting erections, it’s not a medical treatment for ED!

With its friendly, playful appearance, this signature vibrator invites you to enjoy rumbling vibration and an extra flexible shaft! He may look whimsical, but PATCHY PAUL conceals a deep, bass-tone motor that’s strong enough to satisfy even the most dedicated power lover. Better yet, FlexiFUN Technology™ lets the silicone shaft bend and flex with your motion, allowing you to experiment with a variety of positions and even hit multiple erogenous zones at once! Between a curved “nose” that’s excellent for focused vibration and a textured shaft that ripples against you on the way in and out, PATCHY PAUL is primed for play. The loop handle is great for a variety of positions, for folks with mobility issues that make gripping a standard handle annoying-to-impossible, or for a reliable hold when your hands are covered in lube. An easy on/off function and intuitive raised button controls mean that this powerful vibrator is ready to go when you are.

Nobody knows. In Fun Factory they think he might turn into a butterfly someday.


Play Kit is a perfect and specific pack for the penis, glans, prostate and more… A combined Kit with the 3 best selling Fun Factory toys that consists of: Bootie Ring, Cobra Libre II, Manta, 2 storage bags, a Toy Cleaner cleaner, a Toyfluid lubricant and 1 very nice box. All Fun Factory products are made of high quality medical grade silicone and body safe materials.

BOOTIE RING: is a double ring designed with a conical tip and a base that fits perfectly to the penis. It will provide a firm grip giving longer lasting and firmer erections. Perfect for beginners and advanced anal enthusiasts. Its extra is a ridge that joins the plug and the ring that will massage your perineum, one of the most sensitive areas full of nerve endings.The movement will gently pull the Bootie giving avalanches of pleasure from the tip of your penis to your prostate.

COBRA LIBRE II: is a masturbator vibrator that has 2 powerful motors which will provide unique vibrations. With 11 different patterns, Cobra Libre II will envelop the head of the penis with its magnificent vibrations and give unforgettable experiences. It can be used alone or in company, with or without erection and it is ideal for people with arthritis or other conditions, as it is only necessary to program it and that’s it! Hands free! It is submersible, rechargeable by magnetic USB (cable included), charging indicator light and intuitive interface.

MANTA: is a vibrating masturbator and stroker that has a manta design, with 2 small “wings” full of ridges on the inside that will offer a greater coverage. The central slit will enhance the power of the motor and add motion to the vibration. It has a powerful motor along with 6 vibration speeds and 6 different patterns. Thanks to its ergonomic handle it is easy to hold and to enjoy in partnered sex or alone. It is submersible, rechargeable by magnetic USB (cable included).

TOYFLUID: is a water-based lubricante ideal for use with your toys. Perfect for intimate areas, as it leaves no residue. It is compatible with condoms or directly skin to skin, its formula reduces friction and enhances pleasure. Toyfluid has been designed for use in toys made of silicone.

TOYCLEANER: is an erotic toy cleaner to clean them after each use, disinfecting them and thus prolonging the life of your toys.

It also includes 2 storage bags to store your products after cleaning and drying.

A great kit for innovative people who like to experiment and discover their most hidden and unknown pleasures!

SHARE, shared fun, double the passion. With the double dildo SHARE partners can share thrilling moments and soar together into ecstasy. The soft high quality silicone makes insertion and stimulation a sensual and easy experience. Like all dildos from FUN FACTORY, Share is flexible without compromising on the necessary firmness. Gentle to the body, easy to care for and hypoallergenic. Made of 100% medical grade silicone. SHARE offers countless stimulation possibilities. SHARE is perfectly suited for passionate togetherness minus any unnecessary frills. The shorter end of this passionate twosome is for people with vagina. It sits right where it should and stays there, simultaneously stimulating the active and the passive side. The longer end pleasures the playmate. Perfect hold, a slightly curved tip and a flexible consistency guarantee on-target stimulation. The double dildo is easy to insert, comfortable to handle and wins over fans with its powerful, naturalistic shape. Whether in a cool shower, a warm bathtub or in the bedroom – diverse adventures are guaranteed.

SHARE stands for heady fun and extravagant moments for two. Double the passion which always arises when you share.

Sharevibe is a double vibrator developed in high quality medical silicone and safe for the body. It is designed with curves that intertwine with yours as if it were a part of your own body and that will allow you both to enjoy its 2 vibration speeds and its 3 different patterns. Its shortest part is designed to massage the G-spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris), giving you an impression of total depth while its ridge rests against the clitoris, giving you friction and vibration exactly where you want it. Your partner will enjoy the slim, smoothly curved shaft that will make their prostate or G-Spot feel comfortable. You can play with a strap-on as it acts as a dual vibrator, thanks to the Sharevibe that sends vibrations to both ends of the toy exciting both you and your partner, it is also suitable for anal sex. You can use it as a vibrator without penetration and have fun taking a bath as it is submersible! The best thing about this toy is that it can be used without any additional support, as its anatomical ends are designed to accommodate both bodies. Sharevibe stimulates both the active (short) and passive (long) parts perfectly. Rechargeable with magnetic charger with CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE system. Water-based lubricant is recommended for best insertion and care of the product, as other lubricants may damage the toy. Carefully clean the toy before the first use and after each use, it can’t be missing in your collection!

2 Models 2 Colors

Fun facts: 1) The muscles in your pelvic floor contract when you orgasm. 2) A stronger pelvic floor can mean bigger orgasms. 3) Using those muscles to hold a weighted ball inside your vagina strengthens them. Lube up these smooth, silicone balls, insert them, and use your muscles to hold them inside your vagina. From there, you can do squeeze-and-release exercises or just go about your life! Each ball contains a small, round weight that bounces and rolls as you move, making your muscles work harder to keep the SMARTBALLS in without you having to make a conscious effort. It’s also really fun to wear during a spanking.

They can help prevent incontinence, boost blood flow to help you fight off infections, get your body ready for childbirth, and assist in healing after childbirth. If you want to give a partner a squeeze during sex, strengthening your pelvic floor also helps with muscle control.

SMARTBALL UNO are for people with a shorter vaginal canal and the DUO is two-ball design engages more of your muscles.. If you’re not sure, there’s no harm in starting with the SMARTBALL UNO!

Strap-on sex is great. Feel great while you’re doing it with this stylish and sturdy denim harness. The STRAP & BOUND HARNESS is a handmade German harness made of soft denim, which makes it both 100% vegan and easy to clean. The wide, comfy hip belt and two leg straps are all adjustable, so you can manage your comfort and your control. Because it holds your dildo in place so well, you can confidently try any new position that you like. It fits any dildo with a diameter of up to 4,5 cm, as long as it has a base. This adjustable harness is suitable for sizes 34 – 44. The belt and leg straps are independently adjustable, so you can customize it to your body. One advantage of denim over leather is that it’s super easy to clean. Just wash it in laundry soap and water, either by hand or in a garment bag in the wash.

*Dildo Not Included.

The Boss is a realistic dildo developed in high quality, body-safe medical silicone. It is designed with a slim base, its prominent head is perfect for G-Spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris) stimulation and ideal for people who crave considerable sizes. The Boss has a size of 18cm and a diameter of 4.4cm, its veins make it real and its incredible head will provide you with pleasurable prostate and G-spot massages. Its flexible shaft provides easy play and the silicone is velvety for extra cushioning during play. Its base adapts perfectly to any smooth and flat surface, suitable for anal and vaginal use and you can even take a nice relaxing bath as it is submersible! It is recommended to use water-based lubricant for better insertion and care of the product, as other lubricants could damage the toy.

Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use.

Bouncer is a Dildo developed in high quality medical silicone and safe for the body. It is designed with waves all over its shaft, with 3 balls that have a small weight inside that make them bounce and move inside the shaft with the movement, giving an exciting and more pleasurable sensation than vibration. Due to its slim base will allow you to be closer to your partner, depending on the movement that you provide so noisy Bouncer will be. Its round tip facilitates the comfortable insertion and will give you intense pleasure in every movement. Its touch is soft and it is harness compatible. Its base adapts perfectly to any smooth and flat surface. Suitable for anal and vaginal use and you can even take a nice relaxing bath since it is submersible! It is recommended to use water-based lubricant for better insertion and care of the product, as other lubricants could damage the toy.

Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use.

Volta is an external vibrator developed in high quality medical grade body-safe silicone. Its touch is very soft, has a modern design with a slightly curved shaft and its tips make a small tapping that will increase the excitement and sensitivity. Perfect for the clitoris and excellent for stimulating nipples or any erogenous part of the body, the ideal toy for partnered sex.

Thanks to its ergonomic loop handle it will fit perfectly in your hand: the index finger is inserted through the silver ring and the toy is held comfortably, while the thumb intuitively operates the keypad. It has a powerful motor with a powerful vibration, 6 vibration speeds and 6 different patterns that will not leave you indifferent… If you want to play with your partner just put some lubricant between the tips and slide it up and down! Its initial charge will take 6-8 hours to give you 45 minutes of pleasure at maximum speed. Very quiet and discreet, it has a travel lock function, is non-porous and hypoallergenic and has an intuitive and easy to use interface. Indicator lights will tell you the charge and warn you of low battery, waterproof and rechargeable with magnetic charger with CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE system. Suitable for stimulation of the anus.

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