SVAKOM is a premium international brand of sexual stimulators designed in the US, with creative shapes using 100% green, rechargeable technology. SVAKOM’s high quality line of products has the fastest recharging time in the industry and their innovative designs include the first stimulator equipped with camera technology. So you can capture and share intimate moments up close.

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ALEX NEO is SVAKOM’s revolutionary penis masturbator made with body-friendly materials and with a realistic touch as its inner sleeve is soft and sensual. Its interior has a texture designed exclusively to give a real and intense sensation and its sleeve provides a perfect and unique fit for any size. It has 7 intensities of self-push with movements that simulate masturbation, a super powerful motor and 5 different scenarios to create in each of them a new opportunity to discover another intimate desire: Office, Classroom, Beach, Airplane and Wild.

ALEX NEO comes with a Smart APP control – enjoy with whoever you want, wherever you are! It has long distance control through the app, a real-time interactive function to synchronize with favorite 2D interactive videos and allows webcam interaction. Its detachable design makes it easy to wash and store.

Use with water-based lubricant.

Amy’s elegant size will make her your favorite massager. Amy’s intelligent design is neither too big nor too small. With a simple wisp of a curve and her waterproof Silicone body, Amy gently glides where you want her to be. Amy will easily stimulate the G spot  (internal clitoris and anarcha gland) with ease, providing hours of pleasure. With 6 passion modes that are easily changed by the touch of a button, Amy can move to your heart’s desire from vibration to pulsation. Her smooth, 100% waterproof body made with 100% green technology lets you take your pleasure from place to place, including the bath, her quiet rechargeable motor with hidden charging port lets you enjoy the moment anytime and anywhere. Amy provides you with enjoyable elegance and intelligent style anytime you want.

Fill yourself up with knee-shaking satisfaction. Avery features a powerful thrusting tip designed to satiate even the most ravenous desires.
Experience simultaneous bliss with Avery’s clitoris stimulator. Capable of eliciting deep moans of pleasure, Avery’s dual heads can be activated individually or together.
Whenever you need Avery, it’s there. Featuring a magnetic charging port, enjoy super fast charging and a 100% waterproof guarantee.

Pulsating pleasure and powerful vibrations. Aylin’s ocean blue silicone is ultra-soft to touch and filled with a magnitude of features.

Benedict is an original double vibrating cock ring specially designed to fit the perineal area and massage it gently or stridently. The rings help prolong erection and keep it strong and sensitive.

Light in size and with a sleek, sophisticated and futuristic design. It is very ergonomic and the double ring is totally flexible and adapts to all body types. One of the rings is designed to accommodate the base of the penis and the other for the base of the testicles.

Made of soft and pleasant silicone and a detail in ABS. Its powerful motor is delicately supported in the perineum area stimulating it thanks to its 5 vibration modes and 5 intensities. It is a rechargeable toy by USB cable (included), fully submersible and easy to clean. It is ideal for solo use or for erotic games in company to intensify the sensations. It includes an instruction manual and a carrying pouch.

The use of water-based lubricant is recommended to help position the rings and keep the area shaved to avoid possible damage. It is advisable not to wear for more than 30 minutes.

Wonderfully designed for beginners and experts alike, Cici’s finger shape stimulates all the spots that have you gasping. Small but powerful. Cici will have your toes curling as your climax builds to explosion. 5 modes of vibration & intensities let you find the one that feels just right. Sit back and relax with Cici’s impressive 4 hour battery life. Ready in just 2-hours, Cici is your new best friend. With a 30° curve & ergonomic handle, Cici gets intimate with ease – aligning perfectly with that sweet spot you’re desperate to stroke. Cici is perfectly sized for a wide-range of activities for pure bliss. Alone or together, add that little extra for an unforgettable experience.

Take satisfaction with you wherever you go. Perfectly curved with discretion in mind, Edeny sends you on a sexy date filled with sparks of desire and, of course, powerful vibrations. Edeny is a panty vibe designed exclusively for clitoral stimulation. It fits into the panties to caress the vulva and clitoral area. It has a discreet design, compact and ideal to take it anywhere with you. It has a truly ergonomic structure, which fits perfectly with a curved design and a textured surface. Useful also for use as a stimulator of any erogenous zone of the body. It also includes a unique lace panty designed to fit Edeny perfectly and keep it in place. Made of 100% ultra-soft silicone, rechargeable with USB cable (included) and fully submersible. It has an App with which you can control the device from anywhere in the world, customize the vibration modes infinitely or even vibrate the toy to the rhythm of music. It can be controlled from the toy itself or from the app. The toy has 11 vibration modes, and needs 1 hour to fully charge and has 1 hour of use.

ELLA NEO is a vibrating egg made of medical silicone and body-safe ABS with a small size and a motor strong enough to take you to the limit, both indoors and outdoors. It has 11 vibration modes that will go from gentle vibrations to strong vibrations and a double power for you to choose the one that interests you the most.

ELLA NEO can be controlled with the button located on the vibrating egg or with the external button in it’s tail. LED lights synchronizing with the vibrations for a perfect display.

The Smart APP control allows to share control to whoever you want, wherever you are. Its long distance control is controlled through the app and the real-time interactive function will let you synchronize your favorite interactive videos in 2D. Its webcam will allow you to interact with your partner, friends and relax from the pleasurable journey that ELLA NEO will give you, all live!

It is easy to wash, rechargeable with USB (cable included) with only a full charge of 2,5h it will offer you up to 1h of intense pleasure and it is waterproof!

Get ready to Discover the sensations never experienced before with the Pleasure Fingers of Nymph. Let the sweet gentle fingertips of Nymph cross your skin, it vibrates, circulates, stimulates your most sensitive parts. Bringing with it waves of stimulation to pleasure you. Caressing the nipple, stimulating the clitoris, massaging the anus, teasing the testis. From foreplay to climax. Nipples, clitoris stimulation, g-spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris), the anus entrance, all over body.

Nymph also has a soft and flexible rounded head with a strong built-in vibration motor. The soft, rounded silicone head allows for exploration within the vagina as well as external stimulation. Perfect to use in partnered sex. Enhancing desire and creating a better sexual connection. It is IPX4 Waterproof, protects from splashing water, no matter the direction, with USB rechargeable battery and made of environmentally friendly silicone. All SVAKOM products have passed the strictest test and have proudly reached the highest standards before launching.

Rise from the ashes and spread the flames of passion across the world. Phoenix Neo is an interactive bullet vibrator with plentiful long-distance capabilities. It has 11 different vibration frequencies that will make you squirm with pleasure… PHOENIX NEO knows the ways to tease and please you. Its LED lights will illuminate its tail and synchronize with its different vibrations for better visualization. Its button will take you to a paradise of pure pleasure!
With Smart APP control with which you can enjoy with whoever you want, wherever you are. Its long distance control is controlled through the app, leave the pleasure and power in your partner’s hands…. It will take you into immense pleasure anytime, anywhere. The real-time interactive function will let you synchronize your favorite interactive videos in 2D and your content will take you to incredible experiences. Its webcam will allow you to interact with a partner, friends and relax from the pleasurable journey that PHOENIX NEO will give you, all live! An experience that, as soon as you try it, you will want to repeat as soon as possible.

Easy to wash, rechargeable with magnetic USB (cable included), it will give you up to 1 hour of intense pleasure with only a 2,5h full charge and it is waterproof, a perfect vibrator for the bath, jacuzzi, shower…!

An elegant entry into the world of Pulse Technology™, Pulse Pure’s unique design offers a sleek experience and easy pleasure. SVAKOM’s newest patented technology is excited to show you just what it can do. Experience the deepest pleasure you have ever felt with targeted suction sure to elicit the deepest of moans. Fast or slow, experience suction deeper than ever before. 5 exhilarating modes each with 5 levels of intensity. Pulse Pure is made from ultra-soft silicone perfectly designed for smooth sessions. Wrap your fingers around the slender `S` shaped body of Pulse Pure and let pleasure bloom anew. Pulse Pure is designed for comfortable handling and easy to maintain grip – letting you try out every single angle. Cool down and get ready for your next adventure with ease. Water resistant, Pulse Pure is simple  to clean and ready when you need it.

Futuristic and offering a deeper connection wherever you are. Pulse Union is available in a seductive violet and features deep suction using Pulse Technology™ and app capabilities. Feel pleasure deep inside with Pulse Unions seductive suction. Designed to provide targeted stimulation where you need it most, Pulse Union features 5 different suctions modes perfect for warming up, or reaching true bliss. Take a more relaxed approach, let the APP take control. Compatible with the SVAKOM APP, Pulse Union gives you full control with ease – or hand that control over to a partner(s) no matter where in the world you are.

Looking for the mode that sends you over the edge? The one that warms you up? How about the mode that makes your knees weak? With Pulse Unions LED indicator, finding the perfect mode for you is as simple as can be. Finding the mode that gets you going is just the beginning. Pulse Union utlizes a memory function that picks up from the mode you left off on, letting you get straight down to business. The mood can strike wherever you are and Pulse Union is always ready. Featuring travel lock, magnetic charging port and waterproof design, Pulse Union can be taken anywhere you want whether wet or dry.

The Siime Eye is a wireless internal-camera vibrator. This product uses a WIFI enabled internal-camera with state of the art visualization technology. Pictures and video are transmitted wirelessly to a computer, smart phone or a tablet through WIFI broadcasted from the product itself. The SIIME Eye has 4 small LED lights that surround the rim of the built-in camera lens at the tip. The massager can be wirelessly connected by installing an app on the computer or mobile phone, it can display what the camera is seeing and allows you the option of saving pictures or video on to your computer or mobile phone. The app allows you full control over the video recording and photograph functions. The Siime Eye’s maximum wireless distance is up to 30 Meters and the SIIME Eye can connect to more than one mobile phone or computer simultaneously to give you more flexibility however you wish to use the Siime Eye. Finally, the SIIME Eye has 6 vibration modes, is 100% waterproof and its sleek design and size will surely help you enact all your fantasies.

Tulip is a light vibrating bullet specially designed for external stimulation. Erogenous zones such as nipples, perineum, testicles or clitoris are ideal to stimulate with this small bullet. Made of soft and pleasant silicone, with a compact, discreet and very light design, specially designed to use it anywhere and carry it comfortably. Slightly wider at the tip and with a textured surface with fine spiral lines. It has a powerful silent motor, with 10 vibration modes. It is rechargeable with USB cable (included), submersible and very easy to clean. It has an approximate charging time of 60 minutes and its usage time is 60 minutes. It includes a carrying pouch and an instruction manual. It is an ideal toy for use in self-pleasure alone or in good company to increase the possibilities of erotic play.

Using a water-based lubricant will make the experience exponentially better.

Dual-stimulation meets futuristic pleasure. Vick Neo offers intense prostate stimulation with incredible app control and interactive capabilities. VICK NEO is a prostate vibrator that is made of medical silicone and ABS. Its ergonomic design adapts perfectly to your anatomy, with an ideal angle that will stimulate the Perineum and Prostate and even in people with vagina, Clitoris and G-spot (internal clitoris and glandula of anarcha) simultaneously. It has 2 powerful motors, one located in the shaft and the other in the base area. It has 7 vibration modes and 5 levels of intensity, with a total of 35 different ways and a powerful dual motor that will give you an ecstasy of pleasure. VICK NEO will help you play, reach and explore new phases of satisfaction. Its display has LED lights that synchronize with the vibrations for greater visualization and with the push of a button, it will open up a dimension you never knew existed! Its dual simultaneous stimulation and design will give you the option to use it “hands free”, meaning that as it fits perfectly in place, your hands will be free to touch and stimulate. It has a Smart APP control with which you can enjoy with whoever you want, wherever you are. Its long distance control is controlled through the app, leaving the pleasure and power in your partner’s hands…. The real-time interactive function will let you synchronize your favorite interactive videos in 2D and your content will take you to incredible experiences. Its webcam will allow you to interact with your partner, friends and relax from the pleasurable journey that VICK NEO will give you, all live! An experience that, as soon as you try it, you will want to repeat as soon as possible.

Easy to wash and waterproof, a great prostate vibrator for the bath, jacuzzi, shower…!

Winni 2 is a vibrating penis ring designed to press on the base of the penis, thus enhancing erections and providing stimulation to both the wearer and partner(s). Winni 2 is perfect for company.

The ring exerts pressure in such a way that it retains blood flow, hardening the erection and prolonging ejaculation. Can also be used as a vibrator for external areas, adapting to the anatomy of the hand, placing the fingers in the ring and easily directing the vibration. Made of soft silicone and body-safe ABS. It has a total of 5 patterns of powerful vibrations and within each pattern we find up to 5 levels of intensity.

Adds a remote control with a range of 5 meters, which will make it more comfortable to control, thus expanding the range of possibilities of play. Winni 2 has a single control button on the toy itself and can also be controlled from a mobile application that offers a variety of possibilities. It is Bluetooth enabled and fully compatible with the SVAKOM APP – explore even more vibrations and ways to play.

The ring is a rechargeable toy with USB cable (included), fully submersible and very easy to clean.

Not recommended to wear it for more than 30 minutes. It is recommended to use water-based lubricant to enhance the placement and make the experience much more enjoyable.

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