Redefining Pleasure

Eating well, being active, and getting enough rest are the cornerstones of good health, and self-care is important for all of us. We believe that the pleasure our bodies seek is something to be valued as a key element of self-care. iroha is a series of self-pleasure items designed to respond to these natural needs. A brand created by women to provide a delectable experience unlike any other. A fun, safe way to treat your body to the luxurious sensations it seeks.
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Iroha FIT is soft and flexible, designed to gently adapt to the erogenous zones of people with vulva.

Iroha FIT MIKAZUKI is designed in the image of a crescent moon (mikazuki). The gentle curve, the thin tip, and Iroha FIT’s unique flexible structure will gently assist insertion.

Iroha FIT MINAMO is designed in the image of waves on the surface of the water (MINAMO) created by wind. The Minamo is slightly thicker than Mikazuki and the wave-shape creates alternating thickness that provides more volume during insertion with a Ocean-like sensation and pleasure.

A new step forward is born with the iroha+. The iroha brand’s defining Soft Touch material comes paired with a powerful motor with a new rhythm pattern, in a fully waterproof design for use in water. Tease, squeeze and play with the iroha+ and its three functional designs to experience your body with new-found intimacy. Kushi, adorned with multiple ribs for dynamic sensations. Tori, shaped like a bird with a smooth tip for insertable pleasure. Yoru, its open design can be used to tease and squeeze. The iroha+ features more defined edges, so you can enjnoy an accentuated, stronger stimulation. Keeping iroha’s unique Soft-Touch silicone, the iroha+ is now covered with silicone that is even softer and gentler on the skin. The iroha+ now houses a stronger motor than the original irohas, with 5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythm patterns to enjoy. New waterproof design you can use iroha+ in water and of course, easily wash the entire item. The iroha+ features iroha’s anti-dust silicone coating, which protects the item from picking up dust and lint, allowing you to enjoy the iroha+ with peace of mind. With a simple two-button design, the iroha+ can be easily used by everyone. You can charge iroha+ by simply placing it in its case! You can easily store the item to enjoy pleasure without fuss.

Coated with a soft, flexible material, with a smooth fine finish. Iroha is splashproof, not submersible and can be easily washed in water. With its’ anti-dust coating also repels dust, for cleanliness, hygiene in every experience. Iroha is designed to provide every taste, from subtle to strong vibrations, and a rhythmic pattern, to choose and use as you wish. Two buttons without confusing controls for instant pleasure at your fingertips.

The rounded, green MIDORI can be used to caress all over, or enjoy pin-point sensations with its tip. The cherry-blossom pink SAKURA allows you to pinch and please with its indented tip.nWith the snowman shaped YUKI, you can enjoy its vibrations, and its semi-insertable tip.

The iroha zen brings iroha’s unique Soft-Touch Silicone to everyone in a new refined, portable, battery-powered body.
Rows of pleats adorn the outer silicone, with a long shape that’s easy to hold.

With the iroha zen you can touch, twist and tease for a variety of sensations. It’s fully waterproof for both use in the bath and easy cleaning.
The iroha zen helps bring a moment of relaxation closer than ever before.

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