Private counseling is open to all people and couples or other relationship formats (with 2 or more people) of any sexual, desire or relationship orientation and to all gender identities.

It consists in one to one hour and a half of session, in which we explore themes like personal history, sexual function and performance, sexual scripts, desires, imagery, self eroticism, self image and love, relationship history and personal definition, boundaries, intimacy, communication, technologies and ideals of pleasure. We will go through preferences, fantasies and desires, according to each person and to what they want to explore in the relationship with themselves and the others. We can co-create a new sexual script and new itineraries adapted to the wishes and self-discoveries of each person, couple or constellation.

The intervention uses counseling techniques, also mindfulness techniques,  compassionate approach, sexological, and dissident sexualities techniques, breathing and pleasure awareness techniques are also taught, but also new frames for an identitarian pursuit, re-framing the way you see yourself and the others and the subsequent exploration, always through a lens of feminist and queer critical studies, sex positive / sex critical education.

The session is private, confidential and with the help of materials, if necessary.

Techniques and methods are taught in a direct form as acts and discourses are unlocked, from a simple conversation to a more practical and direct intervention. It can take take only one session or a plan of sessions, usually no longer than a year, twice a month.

The intervention starts with disassembling beliefs and myths and providing information and specific suggestions on each case, teaching techniques and creating scenarios sexually and emotionally safe for you to experience your sexuality in its full dimension.

After a session you can expect a lot of homework, as it is intended a sense of comfort and greater ease with your sexual experiences, along with will and curiosity to discover and open up new worlds of pleasure.

You can come to me if you feel anything in your relationship with yourself or the others concerning sexuality, intimacy, identity or relationships, poses a question or a problem. You can come to me if you want to achieve more pleasure or approach your practices in a different way.

Online Counseling is available.

Before booking a reservation an e-mail and or a previous conversation over the phone are required.

Individual session to trans or gender non conforming people: 50€

Individual session to cisgender women: 70€

Individual session to cisgender men: 90€

Couples** session to lesbian or trans people: 70€

Couples** session to cisgender men or cisgender heterosexual people: 95€

How does the sliding scale applies?

I work on a sliding scale base. The prices of the first session are calculated according to an acknowledgment of financial discrimination based in identities. After the first session, and during this one, there will be a time assigned to rethink the price according to your financial capabilities and how your budget meets your needs. In the same way, if you are abundant in financial resources, contributing more will mean more people have access to lower prices.

**Sessions for relationships with more than 3 people are also available. From 3 people on, the value is worked out to correspond to the time of work required.

What happens if you fail a session because you forgot or couldn’t come last minute?

Unmarking less than 24h or non-show implies full payment of the session by transfer. Unchecking with notice up to 72h before implies payment of 50% of the value of the session, except in cases where it is justifiable.

Do you only work with people currently with an active sexual life or in at least one relationship?

The concepts of active sex life and relationship are questionable. Although I do specific work with couples and other relationship structures, in the individual sessions we prioritise the first person with whom you maintain a relationship: yourself. 

Are the counseling sessions confidential?

I attend professional supervision, and so I may discuss the work we do in this professional context. However, no identifying details will be given, to protect your anonymity. The only occasion when confidentiality may be broken, is if you disclose something which suggests that yourself or someone else may be at risk of harm. Wherever possible I will talk to you if I need to break confidentiality, and we will agree together how this will be done.

How long will I need counseling?

There is no easy answer to this. Some people have a few sessions, others stay for months or years. Often people leave when they feel they have ‘done enough for now’, and may return at a later date to continue, either with the same or different issues. Although aiming for intervention in a short time, counseling is a very personal process, and doing this in your own time is of paramount importance.

I want to have joint counseling, but there are some things I want to talk about in confidence.

That’s no problem. When working with more than one person in counseling, it is common to also see people for individual sessions. Anything discussed in these sessions will be confidential between yourself and me, unless there is a risk to be considered (see above). If there is something you bring to the individual session that I think need to be discussed in a joint session, I will discuss this with you. If it is agreed to bring this to the joint session, this will be left for you to do when you are ready.

I work shifts so can’t come at the same time every session.

That’s fine. I work flexibly, we will try to find a time that suits your life and compromises and that can be in my schedule.

What happens if I don’t feel that you are the right person to be my counsellor?

If you don’t feel that our relationship is comfortable for you, it is absolutely right that you would want to find another professional. Sometimes there is a specific reason, other times it just ‘doesn’t feel right’. There is no need to explain or justify your decision not to continue, although if there is any feedback you would like to give me about my practice please do let me know. Also I have a good amount of referrals I can provide, feel free to ask.

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