Manifesto or our 13 Commandments

  1. We believe that there is nothing reprehensible or shameful in an open speech about sex regarding a plural enlightened and informed sexuality.

  2. We defend access to continuing and appropriate sex education, made without moral judgments, encouraging an informed consent, consensual practices as safe and sane as possible.

  3. We are committed in providing safe products, materials recognized as harmless, with adequate directions for use and always maintaining highest quality standards.

  4. We support life-longing sex education in healthy living throughout the various stages of life and challenges that it proposes.

  5. In the online store I provide costumer care and advice before purchase by email, video conference or phone, not exceeding 30 minutes, previously appointed.

  6. We recognize that we live in a society where more safe spaces are needed for women (trans and cis), gender non conforming people, trans men and other sexual minorities, refusing any reductive vision of practices. We strive to provide any product, information or service that materialize these spaces and full experiences.

  7. It is our constant effort, every day, that we become more open, informed and trained in the demand for rights and fight against prejudices and phobias.

  8. We reject a musty view of women and sexuality, where she is hived off between whore and virgin. The choice of experiences and practices and the recognition of sexual orientation, and relational identities are made easier by the construction of a fairer society. We are thus against labels imposed by others and on behalf of reclaimed own names and titles.

  9. Whether the sexual counseling we provide, either in workshops or in various training, we maintain and reaffirm the commitment to be increasingly inclusive.

  10. We recognize that the experiences and sexual practices are neither mandatory nor compulsory, and should not have goals and points of arrival taxed equally to everybody in the full exercise of sexuality and pleasure rights, when desired .

  11. We believe in access to products and information that enable safer sex, striving towards providing protective barriers for different practices and refusing a medical moralization based on sexual or relational orientation. Safer sex dependents on how well we do it, not who does it or with whom.

  12. Our catalog of services and products is based on a careful choice still we present our willingness to provide any other product not listed in our catalog, within our possibilities, as soon as contacted.

  13. We advocate the inclusion of a non-genital pleasure, not as an exclusive way, but as a possibility to make every sexual encounter on a journey where the senses and movements, dedication ability to the moment and a designed experience are put to the service of a sexuality every day more creative, diverse and unique.

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