19 April 2022
RTP2 Sociedade Civil - Pleasure

Invitation for a public television debate and informational show Sociedade Civil, episode about pleasure.

26 January 2022
RTP2, The Things Around: The Mysterious Life of Objects - The Condom

Interview for the show The things around: the Misterious Life of Objects about condoms and safer sex barriers.
Watch here

4 December 2020
RTP2, A Rede Episode 9

Invitee for the Talkshow about social media and current subjects: A Rede, Episode 9 – Micael Arriaga Silveira Aka Mas.Watch here

23 November 2019
“Para lá do Arco-iris” Rádio Movimento -Multiplataforma

Interview for the LGBT Radio Show “Para lá do arco-iris” about politics and queer.

24 January 2019 “Above everything, they like people” MAGG magazine

Interview for MAGG about Pansexuality.

December 2018
Cuntroll Zine, Sexo/Sex

Interview for feminist zine Cuntroll #13 about sex and pleasure. 

17 November 2018
Sektor Ž

Interview for the feminist slovenian radio show Sektor Ž. From 02:01 – 19:55.

20 August 2018
Amores de Verão

Part of a panel in SIC’ morning show “Queridas Manhãs” about summer loves and loving.

19 May 2018
Pela Fechadura, Canal Q

Guest in “Pela Fechadura” Talkshow @ Canal Q as an expert, talking about consensual non monogamy.
Watch here

04 May 2018
Afternoon Show – Dr. Saúde – Sexual Games

Conversation about sexual games on the afternoon show “Dr. Saúde”, SIC

14 February 2018
Morning Show – Modern Love and Relationships

Conversation about love and relationships on the morning show “Darling Mornings”, SIC

18 Jannuary 2018
“Why don’t we talk about sex for breakfast?”

Interview for the Podcast “Do Género” from Público, on gender issues and feminism about sexuality and feminism.

16 June 2017
Prova oral at Antena 3

Conversation with Fernando Alvim in his daily radio show Prova Oral at Antena 3.

08 March 2017
40 years 40 women

Commemorative Edition for the 40 years of the portuguese Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality made by the Portuguese Youth Network for Equality, where 40 Portuguese women (and nonbinary individuals) who have contributed to Gender Equality in Portugal are featured and interviewed. Carmo Gê Pereira is one of the highlighted.

07 December 2016
É a vida Alvim, Canal Q

Guest in Fernando Alvim’s Talkshow @ Canal Q, “É a vida, Alvim”.

10 June 2016

17 April 2016
Jornal de Noticias

Participation in the article on sexuality and spring to Jornal de Notícias with textbox about the project Carmo Gê Pereira.

23 February 2016
A Praça, RTP1

nvitee of the RTP1’s morning show, talking about how to deal with couples rut and showing some products of the shop.
Watch the full segment here.

19 Jannuary 2016
A Praça, RTP1

Invitee of the RTP1’s morning show, talking about how to overcome lack of sexual desire.

01 December 2015
A Praça, RTP1

Invitee of the RTP1’s morning show, talking about sexuality and functional diversity. Participation starting at minute 2.30.
Watch here

17 November 2015
A Praça, RTP1

Invitee of the RTP1’s morning show, talking about non genital sex.
Participation starting at minute 21.

18 August 2015
Queridas Manhãs @ SIC

Interview about sexual counseling in SIC’s morning show Queridas Manhãs.

16 June 2015
Faz Sentido – Sic Mulher

Invitee in the segment Pronto a Despir, Faz Sentido show at Sic Mulher.

March 2015
Interview Happy Woman magazine

Happy Woman interviews Carmo Gê Pereira, Sex Positive Sexual  Educator for adults.
Download the file to read here

5-11 February 2015
“How sex came out from the shadow” – Visão magazine

“(…) we are in the 21st century, demystifying is needed. Carmo Gê Pereira, 32, born in the northeast, with a degree in Communication and post-graduation in sexology, started preparing and selling sets for adult leisure (presenting toys and sexual jewellery) and is now in counselling and sexual education for adults. After eight years of workshops in Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro she makes a positive balance: «We are accepting new ways of being, choosing not to stay within the compulsory pleasure speech inside the closed scripts of no pleasure coitus. »
The awareness and consent themes and the experience of no guilt desire, well agreeing with today’s tendency, that’s what matters. Conforming it are «sharing pornography in couple, in any ages, the consented non monogamies, non normative sexuality, tantric and sacred» and the meetings frequented by senior adults, «with well constructed practices and intimacy a lot healthier than we think». On February, 14th, Valentine’s Day (and of erectile dysfunction…), there will be another symbolic event in Porto: The first conference “Yes, we fuck”, a movement pretending to demystify handicapped people’s sexuality.
But one of the events that surprised Carmo Pereira the most happened three years ago, in Oporto Literary Club (part of the Project Mudanças com Arte II’s cycles). The lecture Shortbus: Constructing a new Sexual Utopia, Traumas and permeabilities that included screening the daring film portraying the New Yorker’s underground universe with sex scenes «out of the box». Ending the session Ana Lúcia Magalhães sang three fados well within speeches and practices, under a new light, cherishing no expectations, nor the suffering weight. «The average participant’s age was past 50 years old and it was a beautiful experience .»(…)”

23 February 2013
Nanozine 8 Special Erotica

Interview to Nanozine (page 51-53)
Download pdf to read:

29 February 2012
” Sex on Wednesdays “, in P3

Article published in P3 about the three month cycle programmed for Espaço Compasso.
or download pdf:

“Sexo às Quartas”: hoje há baile erótico, leilão de “lap dances” e muitos gemidos | Porto | PÚBLICO

July 8th 2009
Interview to UP TV

Interview to UP tv, as “A Maleta Vermelha” representative (2008 – 2012).

02 March 2022
RTP2, The Things Around: The Mysterious Life of Objects - The Bed

Interview for the show The things around: the Misterious Life of Objects about the bed.
Watch here

September 2021
Gerador Magazine #35

Interview for Gerador Magazine, issue 35, about menstruation in an inclusive perspective: “Who menstruates?”.

23 October 2019
Anatomia de Vénus T05 E008

Guest at Anatomia de Venus, a show of Canal Saúde+ that discusses sexuality,  about Trans identities, different processes and needs.
Watch here (part 1)
and here
(part 2)

18 January 2019
Anatomia de Vénus T03 E002

Guest at Anatomia de Venus, a show of Canal Saúde+ that discusses sexuality,  about Gender Identity and Expression.
Watch here

January 2019
InUrban Magazine

Interview for InUrban Magazine under the Inside Out heading: “Winds of Change. Activisms 2019: Measuring the Pulse to Activism,” by Nadine Mussá.
Read Here

20 December 2018
Jornal Público: Honey Let's talk about sex toys

Interview about sextoys, pleasure and technology to Publico.
Read here

12 November 2018
Anatomia de Vénus T2 E010

Guest at Anatomia de Venus, a show of Canal Saúde+ that discusses sexuality,  about Non-monogamies.
Watch here

22 June 2018
Interview for Ljubljana pride Festival Parada ponosa 2018

12 May 2018
Visão magazine: video and collaboration

“Smart Vibrators connected to the net are the last cry of adult entertainment”: Video and interview for article on teledildonica.

Watch and read here

06 March 2018
Podcast Chicas Poderosas

Conversation on the podcast Chicas Poderosas for Antena 3

Listen here

26 Jannuary 2018
#Delasfaz: Fomos ao vaginásio (we went to the vagym)

The portal did a report on the workshop of pompoir.

Read here

09 Jannuary 2018
Interview to

Interview to  about the pompoir workshops.

04 June 2017
LATE NIGHT BLAYA – interview

Late Night Blaya, youtube channel, first episode – part 1.

18 December 2016
“Pompoar, A Rainha do Prazer” in Observador Newspapper

Spread on the national digital newspaper Observador about our work, using the Pompoir workshop as its motto. Written by the Reporter Rita Dantas Ferreira, after going to a workshop. Photography by: André Marques/Observador
Read here

21 June 2016
Na Minha Casa ou Na Tua

Interview by sex blogger Silvia Baptista for a Digital Magazine / App “Júlia, Bem Com Vida” by Júlia Pinheiro, on the subject of Sex and monogamy.

19 April 2016
A Praça, RTP1

Invitee of the RTP1’s morning show, talking about pelvic pavement health, new biofeedback gadgets, electroStim and workshops.
Participation starting at minute 5, 55 seconds.

05 April 2016
A Praça, RTP1

Invitee of the RTP1’s morning show, talking about masturbation and the history of vibrators and showing some products of our online shop .

13 February 2016
“Condoms: do portugueses have little sex? ” – webmag

Testemony for the article of the webmagazine about the International Condom Day.

5 January 2016
A Praça, RTP1

Invitee of the RTP1’s morning show, talking about sexuality in old age.

26 October 2015
Portugal 3.0, RTP2

Interviewed by Álvaro Costa at his tv show Portugal 3.0. From minute 15″.

25 September 2015
A Praça, Factor M, RTP1

Invitee of the RTP1’s morning show section Factor M, talking about cheating, women and relations. Joined by blog and book author, Raquel Costa and tv and social personality, Manuel Serrão.
Participation starting at minute 21.

5 March 2015
Sociedade Civil – Woman’s sexuality

Participation on the debate table of RTP2’ (portuguese public tv) program “Sociedade Civil”, under the theme of “Woman’s sexuality, sexual dysfunctions e beauty patterns”.

15 February 2015
Report in Revista 2, Público newspaper

Report on consulting and private sexual counselling work in Revista 2, Sunday’s supplement for Publico newspaper.
Paulo Moura’s report with Miguel Manso’s pictures: “Was it you who asked for a sex personal trainer?”

24 December 2014
O Clitoris da Razão

Radio Zero feminist’s podcast and online magazine.

10 September 2014
Project “Provoca-me”

Interview for “Provoca-me”, now “Vamos falar de Sexualidade”.
Read here

24 November 2014
Interviewed by “Bichas Cobardes”

Interview by “Bichas Cobardes”, a group focused in educating and empowering the LGBTQ feminist community, with weekly youtube’s podcast integrated in Radio Zero’s weekly schedule.

17 February 2014
Interviewed by “Ministro da Cultura”, Inferno S.3, Ep.25

A small interview on masturbation by the “Ministro da Cultura”, comic TV program Inferno, Canal Q.
Watch here

15 April 2014
Esquadrão do Amor S1 – Ep. 3

Dedicated to Carmo Gê Pereira’s workshops, while still collaborating with project Casa das Máscaras (Oct 2013 – May 2014).
Watch here

21 November 2013
Participation in “A Costeleta de Adão” S.2, Ep.33

As programmer for Casa das Máscaras (Oct 2013 – May 2014), interview to TV Channel Q about porn for couples, sexuality talks and pompoir technique (min. 23:25).

01 May 2012
“Sex on Wednesdays”, in Crua magazine

Article published in Crua magazine about the three month cycle programmed for Espaço Compasso.

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