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An Erotic Rhapsody authored by Grupo Empíreo, Sociedade Anónima de Recreio e Prazer, published by MMMNNRRG and promoted and marketed by Associação Chili Com Carne in Portugal.

AcontorcionistA / The ContorcionisT is an erotic rhapsody consisting of a series of multi-format illustrated books authored by a mysterious collective called Empireo. This is the forth issue of AcontorcionistA this time disguised as an Apollonian card-game for Dionysian players, containing an original 68 units deck with rules to be discovered and created.

There’s only 200 copies of this fabulous object.

*edithor’s synopsis

Pronto a Enviar!

An Erotic Rhapsody authored by Grupo Empíreo, Sociedade Anónima de Recreio e Prazer, published by MMMNNRRG and promoted and marketed by Associação Chili Com Carne in Portugal. The Grupo Empíreo, Sociedade Anónima de Recreio e Prazer and the MMMNNNRRRG editions are pleased to announce the publication of the third movement of the erotic rhapsody AcontorcionistA, entitled Postcard.

This time, we are looking at a leaflet with 16 pages + 4 inserts for the non-electronic transmission of messages with a libertine content.

*edithor’s synopsis

Imagine if Wendy and Tinker Bell were lesbians on the loose in the night of a metropolis, and Neverland a trendy nightclub full of lost girls.

In a fun retelling of the classic fantasy story, journalist Vange Leonel’s new book portrays the lesbian club scene with touches of romance, electronic music, philosophy, fantasy, and lots and lots of sex. Not to be missed.*

*publisher’s summary

Edited in 2003.

A stylish looking box containing fine British chocolates – surely the perfect gift for all occasions? Or not.

The 6 chocolate anuses are as outrageous as they are delicious! Hand crafted chocolates to the highest standard. Fresh chocolate made with the belief the chocolate anus can dissolve cultural boundaries of age, race, gender, and class.

We’ve all got one and they are all different!


Harvested brings to the foreground five-hundred found artworks from households, studios, movie sets and other heterotopias of the adult films industry. More than two thousand adult movies were bulk harvested from p2p websites directly to a server location where they have been broken into thousands of low-quality JPG snapshots. The pool of images was submitted to crowdsourced services and a selected group of microworkers were assigned to filter them according to a consciously vague instruction: as to whether or not they displayed contemporary art. The anthology underlines the importance for a contextual, industry-specific art history, it posits by the same token, the need to activate peripheral vision in regard to scopophiliac practices. While IKEA paintings are pervasively dominant, one can find works from modern masters such as a rip-off from Fernand Leger, an unknown Joan Miro, Castle and Sun from Paul Klee but also contemporary works such as Quote, 1964, a print from Robert Rauschenberg, a series of paintings from Mark Rothko, School of Fontainebleau from Cy Twombly and even some replicas from Frank Stella and Lucio Fontana.

Harvested is a publishing coproduction from: MMMNNNRRRG (Portugal), Forlaens (Denmark), Hélice Hélas (Switzerland), Lendroit Editions (France), La Cinquieme Couche (Belgium), Topovoros (Greece), Fortepressa (Italy), Ediciones Valientes (Spain), Pachiclon (Mexico) and Bitterkomix (South Africa). 502 pages | hardcover edition CMYK (165mm x 150mm) | 2015 |

*author’s synopsis

**end-of-stock offer

Love is love, but not really. To recognise love as love we need comprehensible images. What are those contemporary images that help us identify love and how could we identify love differently, figuring it as less defined by safety procedures, measured commitment and feelings of ownership and entitlement? Playing Monogamy refuses to see personal relationships as safe havens where people can hide from the precarities of society, and instead proposes to make public life more intimate and romantic.

Through a contemporary rereading of the cult of monogamy, van Saarloos playfully queers the way in which the structure of monogamy is upheld through social convention within Western contexts. Written for more of a lay audience, the book proposes an expanded and polyamorous engagement with intimacy and sexuality as a possible alternative. Originally written in Dutch and published by De Bezige Bij, Publication Studio is excited to bring this book to an English speaking audience for the very first time. We are also happy to share that this edition of the book, translated by Liz Waters, will include a foreword by Leni Zumas, author of the US bestseller Red Clocks, and a revised preface by Simon(e), addressing how they might approach writing about nonmonogamy differently four years after the book’s first publication—and after many experiences in between.

*description from publisher

Who said coloring books are just for kids?
3 Portuguese Illustrators join forces and started a journey to the world of porn.

Learn to relax while painting and delighting with these breathtaking designs.

The Game for Any Couple, Throuple, or Quad.

A fast-paced game of foreplay and sexplay! Enjoy foreplay as you move around the board and the winner gets to spin for a winning sex position.

If playing with more than 2 people, add a sex position per additional person.

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