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The most versatile design, the njoy Fun Wand, provides a plethora of sensual possibilities. Ideal alone or with a partner, the Fun Wand is great fun for combined oral and G-spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris) stimulation, or flip the toy over and use the graduated bulbs to give them the anal treat you know they deserve.

The njoy Pure Wand provides a direct connection to your favorite Spot – G (anarcha gland and internal clitoris) or P (prostate) – or wherever feels so good. The Pure Wand is crafted with perfect curvature and ample reach so you can lay back and relax while you pleasure yourself or your partner with firm, controlled massage.

Indulge yourself in an orgasmic stimulation with Le Wand Arch, a crescent-shaped pleasure tool with two tips for endless gratification. Each end of the Arc is specifically designed for G-spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris) stimulation. A little heavier, with a wavy tip, for a satisfactory massage.

Arch’s solid stainless steel body provides a firm texture, which is perfect for G-spot and prostate stimulation, and the heavy feeling will make you come back for more.

Perfectly curved for deep and effortless reach, Le Wand Bow is the ultimate two-tiered multifunctional pleasure instrument. At one end is a larger, bulbous tip that can be used as a dildo, as for vaginal exercise, with a protrusion that goes from the center of the bow to the tip, to provide additional internal orgasmic stimulation.

The opposite end of the Bow features a smaller tear shape which is perfect for G-spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris) or P-spot (prostate) massage.

Relish in the perfect curvature and ample reach that Le Wand Hoop provides, allowing you to lay back and relax as you enjoy the depths of pleasure by yourself or with a partner. You’ll be awed by the satisfying weight and pressure from Hoop’s solid stainless steel shape. Hoop features a beginner-friendly small bulb, an easy-to-insert size and shape. Hoop’s larger end features a bulbous teardrop shape and ripples for a delightful textured sensation. Both ends of this double-sided pleasure tool have been specifically designed for mind blowing G-spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris) and P-spot (prostate) play.

No matter how you grip Le Wand Swerve, you will have complete control of your pleasure. It is masterfully designed for the ultimate G-spot stimulation (anarcha gland and internal clitoris) and/or prostate for a targeted, firm massage that is commanded by you with ease.

The opposite end of the Swerve features wavy balls for the ultimate anal massage, particularly when combined with temperature play.

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