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Bootie Ring is a 2 in 1, penisring and plug developed in high quality medical silicone and safe for the body. Designed with a tapered tip and a base that fits snugly around the penis, providing a firm grip to give you bigger and longer lasting erections. It blends erection pleasure with perineum massage, spectacular anal arousal and mild prostate play. Thanks to its simple size and design it can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced anal sex enthusiasts, its extra is a ridge that joins the plug and ring massages the sensitive perineum area.

As you move, the movement will gently pull on the Bootie gives avalanches of pleasure from the tip of the penis to the prostate. Use Solo or with someone.


First put on the ring and then lubricate the plug with water-based lubricant and insertses your prostate and gives you the pleasure you crave.

If you and your lover are at it like rabbits, dress for the part with the Happy Rabbit bunny tail butt plug. Featuring a fluffy tail and an ultra-smooth silicone bulb, this plug is made for backdoor bliss. Grab the lube and hop off on an anal adventure. Made from firm (yet flexible) silicone, this smooth butt plug is designed for effortless insertion.  With 3 sizes it is perfect for beginner to experiente users. Happy rabbit loves water-based anal lube. Squeeze a generous dollop over the plug for the best slip-slidey goodness.

If you and your lover are at it like rabbits, dress for the part with the vibrating Happy Rabbit bunny tail butt plug. Featuring a fluffy tail and an ultra-smooth vibrating bulb, this plug gives you bootyful bliss, transforming your tush into Buzz Bunsy. Made from firm (yet flexible) silicone, this smooth butt plug is designed for effortless insertion. Simply coat the plug in water-based anal lubricant and slowly insert for gloriously filling sensations. Intensify your experience by turning on the rumbly vibrations, and treat your butt to next-level stimulation.

Show your partner how happy you are that your ass belongs to them. This delightful anal toy is made of premium silicone that is non-porous and phthalate-free. Vibrates! Clean after use with mild soap or toy cleaners.

Are you ready to be preyed upon by a big bad wolf? Become the target of primal desire when you enter a Furry Fantasy with this exquisite white bunny tail plug. Why not try remote control with interactive APP features? It will be a new experience beyond an anal vibrator.  The Magic Bunny, the APP-controlled plug, has a teardrop shape that allows easy insertion and a broad base for safety. The Rex rabbit fur tail is perfect for animal role play and adds that little bit of aesthetic pleasure. The plug is great for novice, intermediate, and advanced anal players. With the free Smartphone APP, Magic Bunny is ideal for partners looking to take their anal play to the next level, anal vibration or prostate message, no matter at home or in a long-distance relationship. The silicone plug is easy to clean due to the smooth surface, can be used with water-based lubricants.


Play Kit is a perfect and specific pack for the penis, glans, prostate and more… A combined Kit with the 3 best selling Fun Factory toys that consists of: Bootie Ring, Cobra Libre II, Manta, 2 storage bags, a Toy Cleaner cleaner, a Toyfluid lubricant and 1 very nice box. All Fun Factory products are made of high quality medical grade silicone and body safe materials.

BOOTIE RING: is a double ring designed with a conical tip and a base that fits perfectly to the penis. It will provide a firm grip giving longer lasting and firmer erections. Perfect for beginners and advanced anal enthusiasts. Its extra is a ridge that joins the plug and the ring that will massage your perineum, one of the most sensitive areas full of nerve endings.The movement will gently pull the Bootie giving avalanches of pleasure from the tip of your penis to your prostate.

COBRA LIBRE II: is a masturbator vibrator that has 2 powerful motors which will provide unique vibrations. With 11 different patterns, Cobra Libre II will envelop the head of the penis with its magnificent vibrations and give unforgettable experiences. It can be used alone or in company, with or without erection and it is ideal for people with arthritis or other conditions, as it is only necessary to program it and that’s it! Hands free! It is submersible, rechargeable by magnetic USB (cable included), charging indicator light and intuitive interface.

MANTA: is a vibrating masturbator and stroker that has a manta design, with 2 small “wings” full of ridges on the inside that will offer a greater coverage. The central slit will enhance the power of the motor and add motion to the vibration. It has a powerful motor along with 6 vibration speeds and 6 different patterns. Thanks to its ergonomic handle it is easy to hold and to enjoy in partnered sex or alone. It is submersible, rechargeable by magnetic USB (cable included).

TOYFLUID: is a water-based lubricante ideal for use with your toys. Perfect for intimate areas, as it leaves no residue. It is compatible with condoms or directly skin to skin, its formula reduces friction and enhances pleasure. Toyfluid has been designed for use in toys made of silicone.

TOYCLEANER: is an erotic toy cleaner to clean them after each use, disinfecting them and thus prolonging the life of your toys.

It also includes 2 storage bags to store your products after cleaning and drying.

A great kit for innovative people who like to experiment and discover their most hidden and unknown pleasures!

Enjoy hot magic equine action in a fun, flirty color with this soft, full ponytail! Twist it, brush it, shake it, show it! The tail is 51 cm full of synthetic fiber, topped with a silky-soft, phthalate-free silicone plug. The classic spade shape inserts easily, with a flared base to hold it firmly in place.


Show your partner how happy you are that your ass belongs to them. Wag it, it vibrates, rotates and wags, all at an order expressed through the remote.This delightful anal toy is made of premium silicone that is non-porous and phthalate-free. Clean after use with mild soap or toy cleaners.


Habanero electro prostate massager has girth and weight for more stability, featuring a ‘rocker base’ that protects the cables and allows the user to literally sit and rock for intense internal stimulation. The shaft can also be bent into position for customised prostate precision- the ‘zero memory’ spine inside will ensure Habanero stays in the preferred position as long as required.

Black silicone highlights the electro conductive areas on the side of Habanero; deliberately positioned to cause your internal muscles to clench and pulsate with pleasure while the smooth silicone tip rubs against the p-spot.  Utilising a ‘stealth entry’ system that hides and protects the stimulator cables during use, can be also used by siting and rocking on Habanero for more intense sensations. Even without electro stimulation applied, the ergonomic shape of Habanero is fantastic for grinding and thrusting play against the prostate, making this a versatile choice for a wide variety of users.

Habanero also boasts our ‘Shape and Play’ technology in the spine that allows you to bend it to precise requirements and will stay in place until changed.

Compatible with any of ElectraStim stimulator units (sold separately), works in its full power with Flux.

Habanero should always be used with a good quality water-based lubricant for the best possible sensations.



Aura is the go-to probe for electro sex toy beginners. Its small size and simple shape makes insertion and wear easy, whether you want to stimulate vaginally or anally. The anchored base provides safety during anal play while the length is proportioned to directly stimulate your G-spot (anarcha glands and internal clitoris) or prostate.

Measuring 7,6 cm insertable x 8,4 cm in girth, the size is ideal for first-time experiences. Aura reaches your most sensitive internal pleasure zones without compromising comfort during beginner’s play. Simply connect Aura’s bi-polar contacts to your stimulator, apply a little water-based lube and lose yourself to the erotic thrills of electrosex.


The silicone insertion is silky-smooth and satisfying as you plug your hind quarters with a real rabbit fur plug. You’ll have your partner chasing you around the bedroom like a rascally rabbit as you enjoy euphoric stimulation to your hidden erogenous zones. Great design means a secure fit and no fuss clean up after your wild romp in the meadows has concluded.

The-vibe is a unique fully flexible multi-function penis strap & anal stimulator that can be shaped for perfect body fit. Expertly crafted with absolute attention to detail The-Vibe will ensure that you and your partner enjoy shared pleasure experiences. The slender insertable anal shaft has been designed to accommodate your partner alongside & enhance both your play. The shaft incorporates a small prostate mound towards the end with a powerful motor inside that enhances both your pleasure with every thrust. Independent motors drive deep vibrations throughout The-Vibe pleasure zones & stimulation points fusing performance with power as you & your partner are both driven to climax with each firm pulsation. The remote ensures that you will have total hands-free pleasure or maybe surrender control to the partner to decide the adrenalin rush.


Become a unicorn and bring a colorful touch to your pony play with this rainbow tail plug ! Discover the 3 speeds and 7 booty buzzing functions! The remote control makes this plug very easy to use when you’re playing alone, but great fun to use when you hand the power over to someone! You can also be a prize pony with this cute tail: train it, brush it, wag it, show it! The tip and the silky-smooth material make this plug comfortable to insert. This premium silicone is non-porous and phthalate-free, but is NOT compatible with silicone lubricants

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