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Amy’s elegant size will make her your favorite massager. Amy’s intelligent design is neither too big nor too small. With a simple wisp of a curve and her waterproof Silicone body, Amy gently glides where you want her to be. Amy will easily stimulate the G spot  (internal clitoris and anarcha gland) with ease, providing hours of pleasure. With 6 passion modes that are easily changed by the touch of a button, Amy can move to your heart’s desire from vibration to pulsation. Her smooth, 100% waterproof body made with 100% green technology lets you take your pleasure from place to place, including the bath, her quiet rechargeable motor with hidden charging port lets you enjoy the moment anytime and anywhere. Amy provides you with enjoyable elegance and intelligent style anytime you want.

Arc features a strong motor, a squishy bulb with a clit-stimulating ridge, and an easy-reach curved handle, helping you explore and discover the perfect spot.

An internal and external vibe with a strong motor, soft bulb with a clit-stimulating ridge, and easy-reach curved handle to help you find all the right spots.

Girth plus flexibility is a size-lovers dream! At 23.5cm long and nearly 5cm thick, BIG BOSS lives up to its name – even before you feel its deep, purring vibrations. With its ultra-strong motor, this is the toy for the size lover who doesn’t want to sacrifice size for raw, rumbling power. Better yet, this big, realistic vibrator was built with FlexiFUN Technology, with a shaft that moves with you when you switch positions and flexes to accommodate your body. Thanks to the practical travel lock, BIG BOSS is always safely stored and will not go off at the wrong time. Beyond realism, BIG BOSS is shaped for pleasure. Its thick head boasts a pronounced ridge that just begs to be pulled along your G-spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris), and its smooth shaft is lined with perfectly-placed veins for a light massage on the way in and out. The ergonomic loop handle and simple, raised controls make it easy to use anywhere, in any position. Basically, you can hold onto it comfortably even when you have lube on your hands.

Charming Smile is a G-Spot vibrator (Glândula de Anarcha e clitoris interno) that will also stimulate your clitoris with that little tab it has at the end of its shaft.

It is made of high quality silicone with a loop handle design: the index finger is inserted through the handle, holding the toy perfectly and allowing you to intuitively operate the keypad with your thumb for easy handling and control. It has a comfortable and curved size to stimulate the G-spot (Anarcha gland) and the clitoris. It has 12 vibration programs, its silicone flex technology makes the handle soft, flexible and smooth for optimized vibrations.

Charming Smile will provide you with deep and intense vibrations, it is silent and rechargeable by magnetic cable (included).

Iroha FIT is soft and flexible, designed to gently adapt to the erogenous zones of people with vulva.

Iroha FIT MIKAZUKI is designed in the image of a crescent moon (mikazuki). The gentle curve, the thin tip, and Iroha FIT’s unique flexible structure will gently assist insertion.

Iroha FIT MINAMO is designed in the image of waves on the surface of the water (MINAMO) created by wind. The Minamo is slightly thicker than Mikazuki and the wave-shape creates alternating thickness that provides more volume during insertion with a Ocean-like sensation and pleasure.

High quality vibrator specially designed for g-spot and clitoris stimulation.

Powerful and ultra quiet vibrator with seven wild modes. Waterproof.

Revolutionary Bioskin material. Impossible to believe how realistic this toys’ material is.
We reached a new height in the evolution of toys’ materials and we created Bioskin – as close to the human body as possible.

Being 100% waterproof, Bioskin – Gjack 2 is great to play with in the bath. Bioskin – Gjack 2 boasts its magnetic charger so now charging is super-easy and smart. Fancy colour will please everyone liking.

Because variety is the spice of life

Do you like to feel different sensations deep inside? With a textured surface, powerful vibrations and a uniquely contoured head, Grá will fill you with pleasure and leave you wanting to explore more. Grá’s pattern and texture invites you to explore internal and external stimulation while rumbling through its multiple speeds and patterns.

For: Vaginal and clit stimulation

Feels: Powerful and rumbly while the textured surface adds a satisfying sensation

Bonus: Added texture for further stimulation.

Impossible to believe how realistic this toy’s material is.

Ecologically safe, hypoallergenic, premium material Bioskin.

Being 100% waterproof, Greal is great to play with in the bath. Greal boasts its magnetic charger so now charging is super-easy and smart

Because everybody is different and every G-spot unique

Do you love the feeling of your G-spot (internal clitoris and anarcha gland) being deeply massaged? Then Kama could be the perfect fit for you. We have tailored and angled the design of Kama’s head to provide an intense sensation on the G-spot but also ensured its surface is great for clit stimulation too, helping you explore your body. A versatile shape, powerful rumbling motor, multiple speeds & patterns and a form designed to fit most bodies.

For: G-Spot and clit stimulation

Feels: Rumbly and silky smooth against your G-spot 

Bonus: The bulbous head helps you reach unexplored places.

Because sometimes it’s good to slow down

Do you like G-spot stimulation but like to take things slow and let things build up? Then Liebe is the toy for you. Liebe’s soft and flexible silicone head is designed to perfectly massage your G-spot (internal clitoris and anarcha gland), allowing you to apply just the right amount of pressure. It features multiple speeds & patterns and is perfect for exploring your body, finding your G-spot and letting your pleasure build.

For: G-Spot stimulation and general vulva play

Feels: Silky smooth and soft with just the right level of rumbliness

Bonus: The flattened head helps you apply just the right amount of pressure.

The Lennox is a hollow vibrating silicone sheath dildo with a curved shaft and head. The vibrator is completely wireless and features 3 speeds, 2 pulsing functions and easy touch on/off. USB rechargeable requiring a 3 hour charge for 1 hour of run time. This unique Hollow Vibrating Dildo is ideal for erection enhancement and people experiencing erectile dysfunction and for people with engorged clitoris. Its girthy size improves fullness during penetration for the receiving partner. The triangular base is designed for strap-on harness compatibility, it’s gently curved to prostate and G spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris) stimulation. Smooth and silky. Compatible with water-based lubricant.

With its friendly, playful appearance, this signature vibrator invites you to enjoy rumbling vibration and an extra flexible shaft! He may look whimsical, but PATCHY PAUL conceals a deep, bass-tone motor that’s strong enough to satisfy even the most dedicated power lover. Better yet, FlexiFUN Technology™ lets the silicone shaft bend and flex with your motion, allowing you to experiment with a variety of positions and even hit multiple erogenous zones at once! Between a curved “nose” that’s excellent for focused vibration and a textured shaft that ripples against you on the way in and out, PATCHY PAUL is primed for play. The loop handle is great for a variety of positions, for folks with mobility issues that make gripping a standard handle annoying-to-impossible, or for a reliable hold when your hands are covered in lube. An easy on/off function and intuitive raised button controls mean that this powerful vibrator is ready to go when you are.

Nobody knows. In Fun Factory they think he might turn into a butterfly someday.

The world’s most technologically advanced award winning G-spot vibrator just got a power and battery usage time upgrade. Pearl3 is a technologically advanced G-spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris) vibrator enabled with touch-sensitive technology.
Pearl3 can connect to all Kiiroo products using the FeelConnect app so that partners can feel each other in real time no matter how far apart they are. For webcam performers Pearl3 will help them make more money as users are able to give control of their vibrator to their fans and use it for interactive tipping.

FeelConnect App Features:
Available on the Google Play and Apple Store.

Tone G Spot Vibrator PMV20 is a vibrator made of body-safe silicone that features 2 powerful motors along with 13 vibration modes. It has a ridged shaft design that stimulates both the G-Spot (internal clitoris and anarcha gland) and the clitoris simultaneously as well as providing a smooth, stimulating texture. Tone is rechargeable via USB pin cable (included), waterproof and easy to clean with warm water and PH neutral soap or with a specific sex toy cleaner.

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