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This vibrating finger bullet is perfect for precise clitoral stimulation and better than a finger. Place it on your chosen finger to show your clit a good time. The bullet’s angle and position will allow you to make all those masterful movements that take you to climax: zig-zags, up and down, round and round, etc.Slide the ring onto your finger and press the button on the base to turn it on. Press the same button again to change the vibration intensity. When you’re done, hold it down for a few seconds to turn it off.

Pronto a Enviar!

This clitoral balm gets your body ready to enjoy mind-blowing orgasms. It has a silky smooth texture thanks to the coconut and almond oil base, as well as an instant warming effect that boosts blood flow to the clitoris and heightens sensitivity. Scrape out some balm from the tin by “swiping” your finger over the surface and apply to your clitoris. You’ll feel the warming effect in a matter of seconds! It is compatible with erotic toys. It contains Thermolat giving a warming effect and increased sensations and Arginine for increased sensitivity.

With Bad Day Killer, scented Star Anise,the best is yet to come. If you began your day craving some action but ended with a terrible date, it’s time to show yourself lotssss and lotssss of love. With Ghosting Remedy, scented Veviter, an orgasm and… NEXT! Forget their name faster than you can delete their number. With Horny Jar, scented Sandalwood, if your thinking about crush again make the choice, send a “wanna come over?” text or… use your imagination and enjoy an orgasm for one. With Sexting Balm, scented Spiced Ginger, read fast, type fast, cum fast. When you’re holding your phone with one hand, a little help in the other never hurts.

A Super Match Between You And Your Clit! Prepare Yourself For Some Serious Pleasure! This liquid vibrator has an instant tingling and warming effect that boosts blood flow to the clitoris. The surprising effect will keep you focussed and forget about swiping right and left on your phone for a while. A fluid clitoral balm formula with Acmella Flower Extract, recognized in traditional medicine for a variety of properties including anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac effects and Aloe Vera, widely known for its soothing and hydrating power.

Pronto a Enviar!

SWIPE REMEDY are sugar-free mints specially formulated for oral sex, full of flavour and temperature contrasts. The menthol gives your saliva a cooling feel creating an exciting contrast with the heat of the vulva. Take oral sex to the next level.

How to use it?
Your saliva melts the mint, spreading a cooling effect throughout your mouth. The menthol is transferred from your saliva to your tongue and from your tongue to the clitoris, bringing with it an intense and surprising cooling effect. Now your best oral sex technique will have an extra layer of pleasure.

A tip
Although Swipe Remedy is intended for oral sex involving the clitoris, you can take advantage of the cooling effect to experience contrasts with the warmth of all manner of genitalia and erogenous zones. 

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