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ALEX NEO is SVAKOM’s revolutionary penis masturbator made with body-friendly materials and with a realistic touch as its inner sleeve is soft and sensual. Its interior has a texture designed exclusively to give a real and intense sensation and its sleeve provides a perfect and unique fit for any size. It has 7 intensities of self-push with movements that simulate masturbation, a super powerful motor and 5 different scenarios to create in each of them a new opportunity to discover another intimate desire: Office, Classroom, Beach, Airplane and Wild.

ALEX NEO comes with a Smart APP control – enjoy with whoever you want, wherever you are! It has long distance control through the app, a real-time interactive function to synchronize with favorite 2D interactive videos and allows webcam interaction. Its detachable design makes it easy to wash and store.

Use with water-based lubricant.

COBRA LIBRE II, the penis massager. Sensitive, innovative, powerful. The COBRA LIBRE II is the sex toy made for the head of the penis! This massager surrounds the tip of the penis with its soft, velvety interior made of medical-grade silicone. From gentle to powerful, the two motors deliver thrilling vibrations to the most sensitive part of the penis, the head. COBRA LIBRE doesn’t need to be moved back and forth by hand – so you can just concentrate on breathtaking sensations and enjoy the ecstasy! COBRA LIBRE II is easy to clean under running water with a little bit of TOYCLEANER or mild soap. With its 11 vibration patterns, the COBRA LIBRE II heads confidently for the next climax – and always ready to please from sensitive to demanding.

It is a perfect toy for people with arthritis and other conditions that make it difficult to maintain a masturbation with only the hands, a simple step … configure it as you wish and … hands free! The initial charge will take 16 hours to give you 40-120 minutes of pleasure, with travel lock function and a very intuitive interface. Waterproof, has LED charge indicator light and rechargeable with magnetic charger with CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE system.

Using the newly designed control panel with touch buttons, both of the powerful motors in the COBRA LIBRE II can be navigated from gentle waves to ecstatic speeds. Finely tuned programs and intensities with the handy control unit that now goes underwater and with a practical key lock for adventures that can travel with you! With a futuristic design it can be Hands-Free Penis Toy, used in partnered sex, sharing the vibration, with or without erection and better than a reach-around to maintain a good stroking rhythm while also thrusting.

Strong, durable, and highly adjustable for your most creative sexual endeavors! With the Door Jam Sex Sling, Sportsheets has designed a solution that empowers couples to experiment with exciting new positions without worries about stamina, awkwardness, or injuries. Just secure the sling over your door by closing it on the dowels and adjust each of the straps to the perfect lengths for your bodies and chosen position. The footrests, hand straps, and a padded seat ensure comfort. When done, this sling is easy to take down and store away for next time!

Incredible fully adjustable, extra wide swing with foot, ankle and wrist support for maximum comfort that supports the back or chest by supporting the legs and hands from the ankles and wrists, giving the possibility to acquire numerous positions with ease and comfort.

The Fantasy Bondage Swing White can be installed in places such as a wooden frame or door or a beam in the ceiling. It is easy to install, especially on a door frame, and includes instructions for placement and use.
It is one size fits all.

* The price includes a 50€ charge for national, continental delivery. The cost difference will be provided by the customer, if bigger, or returned in format of shop voucher.
*Product only available for continental national territory.


Simply place the harness over your shoulders and snap the adjustable strap just below your chest. The sturdy thigh cuffs clip right to the harness, positioning your legs at the perfect angle while holding your legs firmly in place so they don’t tire.

The harness also provides a sturdy grip so a person can hold on for a wild ride, and features wrist cuffs. All cuffs are easily adjustable to fit most sizes with velcro straps, and the chest harness adjusts with a simple tug.

Assume the position and be the master of your next encounter!

This incredibly versatile soft padded belt makes the most of doggy style, bringing greater ease, intensity, and satisfaction to a tried-and-true classic. Upgrading the angle of penetration from 90 to 45 degrees, the seemingly simple design targets several aspects of people involved needs. The I Like It Doggie Style Strap eases wear and tear on love handles as you pull them close, and relieves stress on the lower back, resulting in a mutually satisfying and deepened experience.

Ideal for people dealing with injuries or fatigue in the hips, back, or knees, this quick fix can transform your sex life and restore connection faster than you can say “who let the dogs out?”.

Keon makes the included masturbator move in real time to maximize pleasure and feel a sensation similar to real skin texture.

Included in this pack is a masturbator that can be used with Keon or individually, offering a wide variety of games with its multiple functions. Keon can connect to other FeelTechnology compatible devices, access interactive 2D or virtual reality videos and connect to webcams to interact with other users. It has a touch interface to control the speed and can reach 230 strokes per minute. It is rechargeable with USB cable (included) and its charging time is 4h for 30 minutes/2h of maximum pleasure.

Care: Wash the products with warm water and neutral PH soap or use a specific cleaner for erotic toys. Use only water-based lubricant as silicone-based lubricants may damage the products.

Get a grip. This textile hand strap is designed to work with your Keon Automatic Masturbator, giving extra grip and support to enhance your masturbation experience. Quick and simple to attach.

Get the right angle. This Multifunctional Pillow is designed to work with your KEON automatic masturbator, to enhance your solo masturbation sessions in any position.

Quick and simple to attach and use, this Multifunctional Pillow can also be used as a standalone sex pillow to take your partnered sessions to the next level.

Go hands free. This Neck Strap is designed to work with your Keon Automatic Masturbator, allowing you to use your hands for anything else whilst watching content. Quick and simple to attach and to resize.

Go hands free. This phone holder is designed to work with your Keon Automatic Masturbator, allowing you to enjoy your experience whilst watching content on your phone. Quick and simple to attach, and compatible with most phone models.

Get the right angle. This Table Clamp is designed to work with your Keon Automatic Masturbator, allowing you to position yourself in any way you feel comfortable. Quick and simple to attach to any hard surface.

This dildo-adapter and  Vacuum-lock-system Dildo turn the Keon into an automatic sex machine. Quick and easy to attach and use.


Play Kit is a perfect and specific pack for the penis, glans, prostate and more… A combined Kit with the 3 best selling Fun Factory toys that consists of: Bootie Ring, Cobra Libre II, Manta, 2 storage bags, a Toy Cleaner cleaner, a Toyfluid lubricant and 1 very nice box. All Fun Factory products are made of high quality medical grade silicone and body safe materials.

BOOTIE RING: is a double ring designed with a conical tip and a base that fits perfectly to the penis. It will provide a firm grip giving longer lasting and firmer erections. Perfect for beginners and advanced anal enthusiasts. Its extra is a ridge that joins the plug and the ring that will massage your perineum, one of the most sensitive areas full of nerve endings.The movement will gently pull the Bootie giving avalanches of pleasure from the tip of your penis to your prostate.

COBRA LIBRE II: is a masturbator vibrator that has 2 powerful motors which will provide unique vibrations. With 11 different patterns, Cobra Libre II will envelop the head of the penis with its magnificent vibrations and give unforgettable experiences. It can be used alone or in company, with or without erection and it is ideal for people with arthritis or other conditions, as it is only necessary to program it and that’s it! Hands free! It is submersible, rechargeable by magnetic USB (cable included), charging indicator light and intuitive interface.

MANTA: is a vibrating masturbator and stroker that has a manta design, with 2 small “wings” full of ridges on the inside that will offer a greater coverage. The central slit will enhance the power of the motor and add motion to the vibration. It has a powerful motor along with 6 vibration speeds and 6 different patterns. Thanks to its ergonomic handle it is easy to hold and to enjoy in partnered sex or alone. It is submersible, rechargeable by magnetic USB (cable included).

TOYFLUID: is a water-based lubricante ideal for use with your toys. Perfect for intimate areas, as it leaves no residue. It is compatible with condoms or directly skin to skin, its formula reduces friction and enhances pleasure. Toyfluid has been designed for use in toys made of silicone.

TOYCLEANER: is an erotic toy cleaner to clean them after each use, disinfecting them and thus prolonging the life of your toys.

It also includes 2 storage bags to store your products after cleaning and drying.

A great kit for innovative people who like to experiment and discover their most hidden and unknown pleasures!

The cowgirl is a sophisticated, premium riding sex machine that offers the ultimate sexual experience. The thoughtful design redefines stimulation through the versatile use of fully independent vibration & rotation control featuring 6 vibrating patterns and 360 swivel rotation with low to high variable speeds.

Oscillators are common place in the scientific world; PULSE however is the first to bring this technology to the wider sex toy market. Unlike vibrators, PULSE delivers powerful and deep high-amplitude waves direct to one of the penis most sensitive area, the frenulum. First and foremost PULSE is a multi-award winning stimulator that uses oscillations to stimulate thepenis. This is PULSE’s primary function and what sets it apart from all toys that have come before it. As well as that, the PULSE III DUO is also a revolutionary toy for partnered pleasure. Extremely versatile, the PULSE III DUO can be used as a massager or as a fantastic-hands free addition to foreplay. An added advantage of PULSE’s design is that the penis does not need to have an erection to use it, making it perfect for people with Erectile Disfunction (ED).

PULSE III DUO has a soft vibrating underside which the other person can independently control via remote. Both toys are 100% waterproof and offer five stimulation modes with adjustable intensity.

This attractive, vegan leather strap wraps around the abdomen during doggy style and other “from behind” positions. The result: diminished pressure on knees and back, more power to deeply penetrate with vigor, and better access to the G-spot ( anarcha gland and internal clitoris) or P-spot! Use the hand loops to pull your partner back into you, controlling the momentum and keeping them close without having to bend over them. Enjoy the ride. The wide strap and plush padding give grip without friction or fuss.

This easy-to-use sling allows you to stay in those perfect positions for the best angles of penetration! The soft neck and leg rests provide comfortable cushions as you recline, while the tethers use your own body weight to keep those thighs high and mighty. Neither you nor your partner will have to hold those legs up with your hands anymore, leaving them free to roam to other body parts. Wrap the comfortable leg rests around your thighs or put your feet in them like stirrups. With your legs pulled back, your partner will be able to reach greater depth and always hit the right spot, resulting in a more satisfying experience for both of you! The neck rest ensures that you have a better view than ever before. 

Pair with Saffron Collection restraints and connect to the D-rings at the neck pillow to turn this sexual positioning product into restraint play. 

Take the strain off thighs and enjoy weightless sex, bouncing up and down on another person with ease, and trying positions!

The Sex Stool holds up to 136kg / 300 lbs. and is constructed with a heavy duty tubular steel frame that can be taken apart for easy storage. The seat is flexible, easy to clean, and made from high-strength TPU. The opening in the seat’s center allows closeness and deepness!

TIP: If the stool seems a little too high put a pillow underneath the butt of the person lying.

Take Off the Strain and Turn On the Fun!

The Whipsmart Mini Try-Angle Position Cushion gives you comfort to try sex positions and go beyond.

Feel free to get messy because its machine-washable (and extremely comfortable) plush velvet cover has an inner polyester lining that guards the foam base against any liquids or dirt.

It is the perfect size to stow away in your closet or under your bed when it’s not in use.

*Product only available for continental national territory.

Experience the most exciting positions together with this convenient luxury position cushion from Whipsmart. This soft-touch pillow ensures that even the most acrobatic moves are comfortable and you can last longer. The pillow has a removable filling of firm foam and the washable cover has a soft-touch micro suede finish. You get a set of adjustable cuffs that you can attach to either side of the pillow.

*Product only available for continental national territory.

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine brings countless ways to ride into your sexual adventures. Regardless of your sex or gender, the Unicorn’s different attachments bring variety to your stimulation with g-spot and p-spot activation. Use the provided remote to fully control your Unicorn’s speed and vibration, or pair with the Cowgirl App to give control to whoever you like with a distance of 30ft for the ultimate in partner pleasure play.

The Unicorn is the one to call on for magical solo or partnered adventures. The easy-to-clean liquid-proof mat also helps absorb vibrations, dampens sound, and provides a comfortable surface for play.

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