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The Amethyst Rain Butt Plug is a sleek, luminous glass version of your favorite classic butt plug. Featuring the traditional butt plug shape that can please all bodies regardless of gender, the Amethyst Rain Butt Plug upgrades the experience with its gorgeous look combined with the unique sensation of glass. The Amethyst Rain Butt Plug offers a smooth, firm feel that allows it to glide into place with ease. Its sleek, hard texture provides a pleasurably full sensation that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Open the backdoor to experience anal pleasure with the help of the Beaded Glass Butt Plug with Tapered Base. Featuring three beads in graduated sizes, this plug is all about packing big pleasure in a petite design. The Beaded Glass Butt Plug with Tapered Base is perfect for anal play beginners who can start with the plug’s smallest bead at the tip and insert further as they become more familiar with the sensation.

Glam up your glute game with a 3 Piece Bling Bling Glass Anal Training Kit from Gläs. Experience three levels of hole stretching and deep-diving anal pleasure to prep you for any partner or solo play that you desire. Bottomed-off with a blinding and bejeweled base, a sleek and smooth glass texture, topped off with a bulbous head for direct prostate prodding, size up or down to your every desire. Experiment with sensations by adding any lube or temperature enhancement for a cornucopia of carnal keister climaxes.

Internal stimulation is made even better by the presence of orgasm-inducing nubs and ridges that can massage and press against your body to create that pleasurable explosion within you. The Callisto Clear Glass Dildo delivers exactly that experience with a clever design that offers full satisfaction as it stimulates with its intricate texture. This versatile toy can be used for vaginal and anal play, making it perfect for all bodies, and its bulbous base can be used as a handle for perfect maneuvering and to keep the toy from slipping away. It features a generous length for deep, penetrating satisfaction.

Made of translucent fracture-resistant, body-safe glass, the Callisto Clear Glass Dildo is a beautiful, solid pleasure tool that can be enjoyed by users of all levels. It is easy to clean with soap and water, and it retains heat and cold to enhance how it feels against the skin.

Crank up the intensity of your orgasms with the Glas Candy Land Juicer. Featuring a unique rotary handle and extra thick torque plate, the Candy Land Juicer can be safely twirled while inside of you for an internal massage unlike any other. Its ridged shaft will twist and twirl inside of you, juicing you off all your orgasms. This versatile toy can be used vaginally or anally, giving you several options for playing.

Tickle, tempt, or torment – this Chain Ball Tickler can do it all. Gently caress your partner to tickle, brush across sensitive areas to tempt, and take them deeper into tormenting arousal than they thought possible. Dip it in cold or warm water for sensations suited to your partner’s delight or despair. Wield the power in your hand as you enjoy a naughty game of arousal, before giving them what they deserve.

Spice up your sex life with the hottest accessory that not only hides in plain sight but will also deliver the hottest stimulation. This ultra-discreet toy also delivers pleasure unlike any other toy in your collection. Naturals Chili Pepper Dildo features a curvaceous silhouette and a pointed tip that can be used to tease and please. It’s topped with a vibrant green stem that’s perfect for holding the dildo as you use it to stimulate all of your erogenous zones.

The Chili Pepper dildo is what you give to a lover, friend or relative when you want to gift a spicy treat! This beautiful artisan-crafted Chilli Pepper is a functional work of art that can also double as home décor. Keep this beauty on display and enjoy it whenever you’re craving some excitement. This dildo retains heat and cold, which can be used to explore the unique sensations of temperature play.

Some classic styles never go out of style. The butt plug is one of those tried-and-true items that don’t require a lot of bells or whistles in order to provide an unforgettable experience. The Classic Glass Butt Plug is a pleasure essential that everyone needs in their sex toy collection. Offering ten satisfying centimeters of backdoor pleasure, this classic style butt plug penetrates the body with ease thanks to its teardrop shape; and will stay comfortably stay in place thanks to its flat base. This beautifully translucent plug will offer a peek in your backdoor for added visual stimulation whether you’re sharing the experience with a partner or looking at yourself in the mirror.

Your G-spot deserves the most direct stimulation to reward you with an incredible orgasm. Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo offers two ends to target this hot spot with the dildo’s firm and smooth surface. One end of the Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo features a bulbous tip with nubs that are located right along one of the toy’s gentle curves to enhance the sensation as it rubs against your erogenous zones. The other end of the dildo features a two-beaded design that fills you as it massages.

With its seamless, smooth, and firm surface, the Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo can also be used for anal play. Simply lube this beauty up and allow it to slide into your often-ignored pleasure powerhouse. Because glass is compatible with all kinds of lubricants, this dildo can be paired with all of your favorite formulas to enhance the sensation.

The sensation of graduated-sized beads being inserted or removed from your most longing orifice can be incredibly thrilling as the differently sized beads pass through the entry. It’s a delectable feeling that the Curved Glass Beaded Dildo delivers effortlessly with its gorgeous curvaceous form. Positioned to create a chain of beads that forms a gentle curve, the Curved Glass Beaded Dildo is perfect for backdoor play. It also can contribute to an exciting vaginal play experience as well! This versatile toy can be used for solo play as well as kinky fun wit a companion.

Made of fracture-resistant glass, the Curved Beaded Glass Dildo is also body-safe and hypoallergenic for comfortable, worry-free use. It is also safe to use with any and all lubes. You can enhance the feel of this toy by warming or cooling it and experimenting with temperature play. When playtime is over, this dildo is easily cleaned with soap and water.

Take control of your pleasure with the ultimate double-ended glass toy in a sleek black hue that every orgasm-lover will fall in lust with. Featuring a delightfully curved shape, each end of the Double Bull Black Dildo is topped with a bulb for deep, satisfying internal massage at the perfect angle for orgasmic results.

Perfect for all bodies, this toy can be used for squirt-inducing G-spot massage and full-body prostate orgasm. The bulbous tips target these hot spots with precision. Enjoy the Double Bull Black Dildo during solo play or with a partner — its length makes it perfect for maneuvering in any sensual situation.

Made from fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic glass, the Double Bull Black Dildo is easy to clean, body-safe, and safe to use with any of your favorite lubricants. Additionally, glass toys can retain heat and be cooled to explore the unique sensations of temperature play.

Get a triple bump of pleasure with the Double Ended Glass Dildo with Anal Beads from Gläs. Spread your sphincter for a double feature of fellatio with this nubby, bumpy life-like masterpiece of anal intrusion. With a realistic bulbous head on one tip and 3 beads of graduated spheres on the other, your booty will barely be prepared for the versatility of penetration that awaits it. Crank up your coitus with cooling sensations of temperature play or with your favorite silicone lubricant. With its borosilicate glass material, this dildo is compatible with all your favorite lubricants.

Made of fracture-resistant glass, the 30cm Double Ended Glass Dildo with Anal Beads is body-safe and hypoallergenic for comfortable, worry-free use. It is also safe to use with any and all lubes. You can enhance the feel of this glass dildo through temperature play. Simply submerge this toy in warm or cool water to create a range of sensations that make every journey of self-exploration a pleasurable adventure.

Enjoy endless pleasure with 2-Piece Double Pleasure Glass Dildo Set, which pairs two double-ended glass dildos that offer many ways to play. Satiate all of your physical desires for sensual pleasure with this must-have set. The pink glass dildo features a length that’s just over 17 centimeters, offering the perfect reach for solo play. The shaft of this toy also features stimulating nubs that massage as they move in and out of your body. For an even more intense experience, the clear dual-ended dildo in this set measures over 20 centimeters to deliver deep penetration — which is enhanced by the feel of the beaded design on one end of the dildo. Its gentle “S” shape allows for optimal control of the toy and you treat yourself to an intimate massage.

Made of fracture-resistant glass, the 2-Piece Double Pleasure Glass Dildo Set is body-safe and hypoallergenic for comfortable, worry-free use. Compatible with all lubricants, use any of your favorite formulas for an exciting experience.

The Double Trouble Glass Dildo is designed for the ultimate experience for two! Featuring an elongated, curved shape, the Double Trouble Glass Dildo is dual-ended with each side offering its own unique flavor of stimulation. One end of the Double Trouble Glass Dildo features a ridge that swirls along the shaft until about halfway. On the other end, you’ll be greeted by a nubby surface for sensational internal massage. Each end of the dildo features a tapered tip that makes it perfect for smooth, easy insertion.

Use the Double Trouble Glass Dildo alone or with a partner — it’s curved shape makes it perfect for an orgasmic G-spot or P-spot massage, and is conveniently shaped for maximum control in your hands. Couples can also enjoy penetration simultaneously with each one taking an end of the dildo.

The Double Trouble Glass Dildo is made from body-safe, hypoallergenic, fracture-resistant glass. It is also compatible with all lubes for your ultimate comfort and pleasure.

Sharing a pleasurable sexual experience with a partner can have numerous benefits that go beyond just physical, serving as an intimate moment for two people to come together for an orgasmic experience. The Double Trouble Purple Dildo is designed with this ultimate couples moment in mind, with a shape that’s made to please two users at the same time. Curved to target the G-Spot for two users, each end features a teardrop shape that provides a satisfying feeling as it massages internally. Although it’s made with pleasure for two, this dildo also can provide pleasurable satisfaction when enjoyed alone.

The Double Trouble Purple Dildo features a smooth and firm texture that glides with ease — particularly when used with your favorite lube, and because glass is compatible with all formulas, you can slather on any lube that you desire.

Fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic, the Double Trouble Purple Dildo is easy to clean; simply wash this toy with soap and water.

You’ll need a bucket and a mop for this Extra Large Glass Dildo by Gläs. Featuring 24.8cm of cave-dripping, delectable nubs, this girthy dildo goes extra large and extra hard for experienced anal or vaginal play. Get bubbly over these nubblies with added temperature sensations or by using your favorite lubricant for a textured slide that will have you cumming all night. Super long design to hit your A-spot or G-Spot, as well as a tapered base for backdoor shenanigans. This versatile giant might not be gentle, but it certainly knows how to show you a good time.

Made of fracture-resistant glass, the Extra Large Glass Dildo is body-safe and hypoallergenic for comfortable, worry-free use. It is also safe to use with any and all lubes. You can enhance the feel of this glass dildo through temperature play. Simply submerge this toy in warm or cool water to create a range of sensations that make every journey of self-exploration a pleasured adventure.

The most versatile design, the njoy Fun Wand, provides a plethora of sensual possibilities. Ideal alone or with a partner, the Fun Wand is great fun for combined oral and G-spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris) stimulation, or flip the toy over and use the graduated bulbs to give them the anal treat you know they deserve.

Double the pleasure, double the fun with our 2 Piece G-Spot Pleasure Glass Dildo Set. Give yourself orgasmic options with two smooth glass dildos that are curved and ribbed for G-Spot stimulation. Use for a variety of solo play options, or use both in tandem for a double penetration adventure. Get the ultimate variety pack of vaginal and anal play with our 2 Piece G-Spot Pleasure Glass Dildo Set. Perfectly curved for hitting the G-Spot or P-Spot, this dual dildo pack is ideal for those wanting a smooth and versatile play experience. Use the sleek and smooth shafts for different options of vaginal play, or use both simultaneously for double penetration. With their tapered bases and easy-grip handle, these dildos can double as the perfect prostate companion.

Both dildos are made of hypoallergenic and shatter-resistant material that is 100% body-safe. The hand-blown glass is non-porous for use with any lubricant and can even be matched with stimulating silicone lubes for a variety of stimulation.

Perfect for temperature play, wrap your dildo in a warm towel, or place under a cold tap for a never-ending variety of sensations.

Escape to a universe not so far away where orgasmic pleasure is the ultimate destination. The Galileo Butt Plug will be your guide as you explore your uninhibited desire for orgasmic backdoor play. The radiant beauty of glass enhances the look of this classic style butt plug. Its size and shape make it perfect for beginners; plus its stunning handcrafted look and eye-catching color combination make it an ideal addition to any collector’s toy box.

When you’re finally ready to open up to the thrills and mind-blowing sensations of backdoor play, this Glass Anal Training Set will guide you on your journey of sexual exploration. Perfect for beginners and anyone who wants to expand their anal pleasure possibilities. Each plug in the set prepares you for the next largest-sized plug until you find the one that is perfect for you in the moment.

Go “pop, pop, OH!” with this Glass Beaded Butt Plug from Gläs. Experience layers on layers of anal dilation with this girthy, graduated series of glass beads to truly test your anus with an adventure of stamina and sensation. The beaded plug’s smooth texture allows for easy insertion, removal, and re-insertion for the optimal prostate pummeling experience. Pop this beaded baddie in and out using your favorite anal lubricant and keep your tushy tested for taking it all the way!

Designed with deep, direct stimulation in mind, the Honey Dripper Anal Slider is not just an ideal pleasure tool for reaching the prostate and providing backdoor stimulation unlike any other, but it also is perfectly shaped for powerful G-spot (anarcha gland and internal clitoris) massage. The bulbous tip provides an ideal sensation of fullness no matter where it is inserted. The Honey Dripper Anal Slider is also curved to directly target pleasure zones with its firm, smooth surface that provides the pressure that your body craves.

Fancy a sultry lick of pleasure from this Lick It Glass Dildo. Get tantalized by your otherworldly fantasies with the tentacle-like tantalization featuring a curved and swerved tongue shaft and orgasm-inducing nubs lining the edges and a ridged underside for a variety of sensations and stimulations.

Made of hand-blown, hypoallergenic and shatter-resistant glass, this toy is 100% body-safe, non-porous, and perfect for use with any of your favorite lubricants. Use with warming or stimulating silicone lube for a realistic tonguing fantasy adventure.

Perfect for temperature play, explore heating and cooling your Lick-it Glass Dildo by wrapping it in a warm towel or placing it under cold water for a never-ending variety of play.

Mr. Swirly is everyone’s favorite pleasure companion with its stimulating design that aims to please. Swirling along the shaft of this clear glass beauty is a thick red spiral that will provide the delicious friction that you crave with every thrust. The curved shape of the Mr. Swirly Dildo’s shaft makes it perfect for targeting the G-spot and can also reach the P-spot with ease during backdoor play. Its tapered tip allows for easy insertion and its flat base ensures safe penetration. Choose bettween the 3 different sizes of this fracture-resistant, body-safe glass, hypo-allergenic, safe, worry-free play toy.

Enhance the sensation by heating and cooling this glass toy, which retains warmth and cold to explore fun with temperature play.

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