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The 5-piece Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit is designed with your comfort in mind. The ergonomically curved tools are thoughtfully created to improve intimate experiences and to aid sexual health. Each piece is made from phthalate free, silky soft, pastel pink premium silicone, and range in size for comfortable, gradual dilation. Each dilator has a smooth and sleek angled shape, and a finger loop for easy use. Insertion of the dilators restores and revives vaginal strength and can also be beneficial in easing discomfort. For a comfortable application, it is recommended that you use a quality lubricant.

The Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit can be used as a vaginal trainer, or for treating vaginal and pelvic floor conditions. By using a vaginal dilator set, at home, you can train your vaginal muscles to relax and become used to penetration. The dilators are also suitable for recovery use after surgery.

Dilators should be used upon professional recommendation.


Kegel exercises and a plan for Pompoir exercises, continue to be an effective way of dealing with small urinary losses and hypotonic pelvic floor; however, monitoring and learning are important to enable the person to realize what muscles are moving and tone. And it is in this body self-consciousness that the greatest wealth lies. A daily exercise plan, with a contact and attention to the genitals that goes beyond the functional to the day-to-day we do is with our vagina that have penetrative intercourse (or not), menstruation (or not), with our vulva that urinate and whom we masturbate. Now we will give it attention. We hear its movement, felt its strength, we take a look at its contractions, and very importantly, at its relaxation. Every day we have the genitalia more present, more integrated, and its function shall be made with more awareness.

The workshop (1 module) or Pompoir private session (minimum 2 sessions required, only 1 in the pack) included (Online, in Person Lisbon) allows for  awareness of pelvic floor training, in a group or privately, learn the movements and leave with a plan of 8 to 12 months of training for significant improvement your body awareness, health and pleasure.

Will be contacted after the purchase (leave available hours and phone in note).

* Public group workshops have been suspended until further notice. If you have a group and want to do a private workshop contact me for more informations.


Firstly, She-ology is a 5-piece set of vaginal dilators that the user can wear.  The dilator is comfortable during movement because its curve adapts to the curve on the inside of the vagina. The base of the dilator has a large round grip so as to allow the user better control. The non-allergenic, premium silicone graduated dilators have a curved base for gentle insertion and stimulation.  They were designed to reduce the pain and discomfort that may occur with vaginal dilator use. The She-Ology 5-piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set is body safe, unscented, and phthalate-free so that you can feel confident in using them.

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