Anal Training Kit & Education Set b-Vibe

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Ready to add anal play to your sexual repertoire? Here are 7 reasons why the b-Vibe anal training kit & education set is the perfect partner to help you get started: 1. Small Silicone Butt Plug — Designed to look and feel like a finger, the smallest plug in this anal training kit is slim enough for first-time anal play. 2. Medium Vibrating Butt Plug — Once you start feeling comfortable with how the small butt plug feels, you might want to add another sensation to the mix: vibration. Vibration also helps the sphincter muscles to relax- which is exactly what you want to do during anal play. 3. Large Weighted Butt Plug — The two weighted balls (180g) inside this non-vibrating plug will help you to create a sensual feeling of fullness.Pro tip: Plugs are a great toy for public play, which has the added bonus of feeling forbidden or secretive. 4. Lubricant Applicator — This little gadget is one of those “best things you’ve never heard of” or used, for that matter. It does exactly what it sounds like by lubricating those hard to reach places.  5. Anal Enema — No anal training kit would be complete without an enema. We consider it as the perfect go-to for a ‘deep’ clean before anal play. 6. Zipper Travel Bag — Because why wouldn’t you take your anal training kit & education set on holiday? 7. Complete Guide to Anal Play — We’ve saved the best for last. Every kit includes a 50+ page handbook of the most comprehensive how-to guides on anal play, written by certified sex educators. Comes in 2 colors, black and blue.




Black, Blue.


Perfect intro into anal play.

All Silicone Value Bundle.

7-piece set that will slowly train your  body for pleasureable anal sex.

Small silicone butt plug is a non-vibrating, beginner’s friendly anal toy with a flexible neck and flared base.

Medium vibrating butt plug features a powerful motor and can be recharged via the included USB for endless anal play.

Large weighted butt plug, weighing 180g designed to create a sensual feeling of fullness & pressure.

Comprehensive guide that includes sex educator approved how-to guides and easy step-by-step advice that will help you understand how to prepare your body for anal sex.

Added accessories, discreet travel bag, a lubricant applicator and an anal enema.

Product Dimensions:

Small anal plug  9.8cm x 2.6cm x 5cm

Medium vibrating plug 13.4cm x 3.2cm x 6.8cm

Large Weighted Plug 13.7cm x 4cm x 7.15cm.

In The Box: 

1x Small Silicone Plug

1x Medium Vibrating Rechargeable Plug

1x Large Weighted Plug

1x Complete Guide To Anal Play

1x Anal Enema

1x Lubricant Launcher

1x Travel/Storage Bag

1x USB Cord.


100% body-safe silicone.

Additional information

Weight 1.200 kg

Internal, Anal




Black, Blue



Premium Anal Play Products For All Couples. b-Vibe is a premium collection of tech-forward anal play products founded by certified sex educator, Alicia Sinclair. The results of years of research, each b-Vibe product utilizes innovative design tactics to address specific, often unaddressed, sources of anal pleasure. Pioneering the category of high-end anal accessories, b-Vibe has been able to set a high-quality, yet approachable tone for a rapidly-emerging category. Most notably, b-Vibe's core mission is to empower exploration through education. By offering a constant array of accessible content, carefully written guides, and real-world information, the brand promotes inclusivity and informed play.

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