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Explore Kit Fun Cup is a kit of 2 menstrual cups size A in pink and size B in navy blue, ideal for people who want a cup for lighter days and another for heavier days. Made of medical silicone suitable for the body that is inserted inside the vagina (the same as a tampon), molding to the vaginal walls and collecting all the flow inside.

It is always recommended to use a little water-based lubricant for a better insertion. It is lightweight for easy fitting, non-porous, hypoallergenic and you can run, swim, dance and have sex without deep penetration. Unlike tampons, the Fun Cup does not absorb vaginal discharge so it will not dry you out and keep your vagina lubricated.

It offers a simpler, more comfortable, ecological, safe and above all hygienic and economical life. In only 3-4 months you will have recovered your investment! Its use is unlimited, it can be put it in and take out as many times as wanted. The Fun Cup keeps the vagina free of fibers unlike tampons, these fibers make it more susceptible to infections, so with the Fun Cup your vagina will stay healthier.

Made for daily use during the cycle and up to 12 hours depending on the flow. It should not be wear without changing it for more than 12 hours in a row, should be removed, cleaned and put back in.

How to use:

Use a small amount of lubricant, fold the cup in a C-shape and insert it inside the vagina, turn it to check that the container does not come out or pass your index finger around the cup to check that it is well placed and fastened. Make sure your cervix is not outside the cup. After 8-12 hours remove it, empty the flow inside, rinse it with water and clean it with an unscented soap to avoid irritation, pay special attention to the holes and reinsert the cup. Remember to wash hands before putting the cup on and when taking it off. For a more thorough cleaning, sterilize it for 3 minutes in boiling water, dry it well.

Clean the storage bag with water and a little mild soap and let it air dry.
Store the Fun Cup in the storage bag.




Holds 4-6x as much as a tampon.

Two sizes, for lighter days and heavier days.

Comes with an antimicrobial bag

Great for active people—run, swim & dance.

Awesome for your sexual health.

Eco-friendly — cuts down on waste.

Lightly textured for easy grip.

Lasts for years with proper care.

Non-porous and hypoallergenic.

Designed and handcrafted in Germany.

Body-safe materials.

Comfortable and unnoticeable.

Product Dimensions:

Smaller 5.3cm x Ø 4cm 20 ml

Larger 5.8cm x Ø 4.3 cm 30 ml

In The Box: 

2x Menstrual Cups



Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg

Internal, Vaginal, Genital




Fun Factory

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