Shhh Blindfold Bijoux Indiscrets

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It is proven that when your eyes are covered your other senses are heightened. Shhh blindfold is the perfect ally for a sensual massage. No need to be a pro in the art of massage, touch lightly or press firmly on feet, back, arms and butt cheeks.

Shhh is much more than just a blindfold, it’s an invitation to irresistible suspense and fantasy. On the double sided satin, there are different messages: Ohhh to unleash your most ardent fantasies and Shhh for your more secret ones.




Perfect ally for a sensual massage or any sensory play.

Double sided satin: different messages: Ohhh / Shhh.

Long enough to allow doubling as satin restraints.

In The Box: 

1x Satin blindfold with printed messages.



Additional information

Weight 0.075 kg

Body, External, Face, Wrists






Bijoux Indiscrets

The burgeoning eroticism of 18th century literature was inspired by curiosity and imagination. Les Bijoux Indiscrets, a novel by Denis Diderot, was published during this searching time. In it, a magic ring reveals to the characters a world full of eroticism and fantasy. Bijoux Indiscrets is a provocative combination of eroticism and sophistication for lovers, a combination beyond dimensions. Ideas, scents, tastes, sounds and sensations form a subtle blend, suggesting unique experiences and unforgettable moments.

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