Sincerely Lace Crop Sportsheets

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Covered in a luxurious lacy fabric, the head of this stylish, sleek crop is set off with a lavish black corseted ribbon and satin bow. The stem is made of a thin yet sturdy rod. The handle is covered at the base with the same lacy fabric. Pair with the Sincerely Lace Collection.




Luxurious lacy fabric.

Stylish, sleek crop.

Black corseted ribbon and satin bow.

Sturdy rod.

Pair with the Sincerely Lace Collection.

Product Dimensions:


In The Box: 

1x Lace crop.


40% Polyurethane, 33% Polyester, 12% Abs Plastic, 10% Spandex, 3% Nickel Free Metal, 2% Vinyl.

Additional information

Weight 0.194 kg

External, Body


Polyurethane, Polyester, ABS, Spandex, Nickel Free Metal, Vinyl 





Woman Owned, Female Led Starting back in the '80s, CEO Julie Stewart's brother Tom saw David Letterman stick to a Velcro (circle R) wall during Late Night with David Letterman. This sparked an idea; create a product for couples that allows them to explore BDSM and "only be as tied up as they want to be." So, they got to work developing what is now The Original Sportsheet(circle R). A plush bedsheet and anchor pad with cuffs combination that allows one to pull off the bedsheet releasing them from being restrained should they desire. As Sportsheets approaches their 30th year in business, the company is a household name for BDSM product globally and continues to innovate ways to create connection and transform intimacy.

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