Pleasure is the way!


In 2008 I created a Portuguese project related to sexuality. I have years of experience in erotic counseling, workshops, trainings and talks, film sessions and events since 2011 and individual, couples or constelations sexual counseling since 2015, everything linked to sexualities in a successful attempt to convey an open and demystified vision concerning behaviors, orientations, practices and identities. An atypical route, that begins in Communication Sciences, goes through History of Sexuality, Women Studies, Sexology, various workshops and apprenticeships in dissident sexualities, independent research, and formal and non-formal continuing education. A project without support, made in my own name that gained media space and peer recognition. In parallel I am an activist.  Unapologetically feminist, LGBTQIA +, critically sex-positive, I work with and for all people and I have been featured as:
* trainer, I am part of the OUTSIDE IN project, a European Union project to train trainers against hate speech with the support of Erasmus +,
* sexual educator for adults, either in general or focusing on issues of relational orientation and non-monogamy, inclusive pleasure, reflecting on the access and sexual rights of people with functional diversity and neuro diversity, rights minorities and the construction of new masculinities, women self knowledge and determination, and more pleasure for everyone,
* Expert in safety, recommendation and use of technologies for sexuality (pornography, sextoys, props, cosmetics and stimulants).
Carmo Gê Pereira is me as a number of people who surround and support me in different ways and who understand that pleasure, self-determination, knowledge, communication, affection and networks can be forms of empowerment and social transformation.