Group workshops, bringing a safer space, to learn and open a conversation about bodies, sexuality, intimacy, communication and pleasure.

You’ll find what you need under the division workshops for people with vulva and vagina, where the focus is on anatomy, although much more is dealt with. The workshops for women and afab* people, where the focus is on behaviors, attitudes and practices.

The workshops provided by me try in the most to be inclusive and safer spaces, with respect for all people identities and bodies.

Also most of them are provided in a space accessible by stairs and elevator.


With oriental roots, between Thailand, Japan and India, partially adapted to the west by Dr. Kegel, brings health benefits including improved vaginal flora, prevention of urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse and an improvement in one’s sexual life, making intercourse and / or penetrative even more enjoyable.

The Pompoir workshop takes place over three hours where it is discussed the history and tradition of pompoir, east to west, genital vaginal and pelvic physiology, muscle relaxation and control, basic exercises, pompoar practice tools, advanced exercises and techniques used by pompoirists in a sexual context.

The use of comfortable clothing is requested.

Note: non-hetero-cis-normative workshop open to all regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, however for anatomical reasons only to people with vaginas.

Masturbation Workshop for vulvas and vaginas

-Full body, shame and acceptance
-Pleasure genital anatomy 101
-Brief history of masturbation
-Myths, benefits and risks. Analysis and reflexion on masturbation habits
-Prolonging pleasure
– Orgasm as healing
-What I want the other person to know about me and my pleasure

There will be small practical exercises along the workshop, without exposure to nudity or shared genital practises.

#VulvaLaLife Vulva La Vida
* kit: towel, mirror, oil and polaroid included in tote
* workshop with self-touch and genital observation

The persecuted or the forbidden, the shameful thing or the treasure that will later be surrendered… How was this relationship built with the genitals that we carry throughout our lives? What have we been told and, more importantly, what have we never been told? How was it mythified, renegade, medicalized, neutered and controlled?
Which speeches are encouraged and allowed and which are disruptive?
Which is? How does it work and how can it work? What is the basis for a pleasure instruction manual?
How is it? How are? How does vasodilatation happens? What fluids do you produce and how? How do you give pleasure? How do I recognize her? How do I claim this Vulva and vagina for self-enjoyment, reconciliation, celebration and ever more pleasure?

. vagina dentata: the history and myths of a genital
. observation and self-care.
. physiology and physiognomies
. ejaculation and other phenomena
. masturbation and self massage
. edging and pleasure
. acceptance, diversity and power
. and much more…

Workshop for anyone with a vulva regardless of gender identity!


Weekend intensive workshop in which a group of WOMEN and AFAB* people shares information and experience, learns and (re)discovers new and old pleasures. 6hours a day for discussing and presenting techniques and different ways of being, demystifying practises and stress the importance of PLEASURE and joy of BEING PRESENT and doing.

Approached themes:
-Initiation to vaginal gymnastics
-Massages and awakening of the senses
-Communication among the couple
-Oral sex and manual stimulation
-Anal sex and stimulation
-Breathing and pleasure augmenting techniques
-Different ways of loving or sharing intimacy
-Safer sex and risks reduction
-Light spanking and a little bondage
-Fantasies and role playing
-Marginalized or alternative sex practices

Films display (short or clips) for accompaniment.
Advisable for a two day retreat (week or weekend)

3h30 workshop for women and afab people focusing on practices, techniques and communication in relational context.

* Desire: from the response to the other to the autonomy of what one wants. Strategies for self-awareness and more constant self-eroticism.
* Communication between couple / constellation: positive reinforcement, transparency and blame free.
* Whole body: Deginitalization of pleasure and recognition of the other’s body. Mindfulness.
* Techniques: oral, manual, anal.
* Fantasies: the scenic aspect of sexuality, from fantasy to fulfillment
* Different ways of loving and / or sharing intimacies: knowledgeable and blameless alternatives.
* Basic technologies for full sexuality.

There will be small hands-on exercises throughout the workshop, without exposure to nudity or shared genital practices.

Two days of recognition, self-knowlegde and practices of self-love and pleasure.

How can we take care of ourselves in a world that does not teach us self-love?
How to build a loving relationship with our body without understanding the forces that lead us to the present relationship?
What are the possibilities of pleasure with a body understood as whole?

Self-love, self-care and pleasure of the senses are two days to realize the forces of the world and the tools for radical self-love, self-care strategies and a plunge into conscious sexuality and the pleasure of the senses.

* intersections and radical self-love
* self care and rituals
* pleasure of the senses and eco-sexuality

. discussion . reflection . practices

* There will be small practical exercises along the workshop, without exposure to nudity or shared genital practises.

*AFAB: assigned female at birth.

*We work on a sliding scale base. The prices of the workshops try to be inclusive and  reflect the hours and work involved from the facilitator. In most of the workshops there will be a place for a half fare and one zero fare place. In the same way, if you are abundant in financial resources, contributing more will mean more people have access to lower prices.